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Magic happens because all things are an illusion

About Sammy Tallcat

Magic Background:

Born in San Francisco in 1955 I began my interest in prestidigitation at the age of 10. By the age of 12 I had worked on a daily paper route to mowing lawns on the weekends in order to have money to purchase enough props to hold a neighborhood magic show for my peers at the cost of only 5 cents per spectator.

My parents and I moved to southern California as I began high school in Hermosa Beach. As my interest in magic & magicians grew, I was performing for my high school classmates during lunch times in the gymnasium. Doing this was an opening for invitations to perform magic at classmate's birthday parties.
After high school I served in the Army during the Viet Nam conflict. I am a 100% service-connected disabled veteran receiving a VA pension.
After my discharge I met Milo and Roger, comedy illusionists, and served as their magician's assistant at the Las Vegas Stardust from 1973 to 1975 until the show's closing. They went on to Paris France performing at The Crazy Horse and I returned to San Francisco.
I kept in touch with Milo and Roger as they continued performing around the globe up to their passing away in Thailand. I recommend their book, A Magical Life by Arthur Brandon, also known as Milo.
I continued as an independent magician performing for private venues to present day, though I must admit that at 67 years of age everything has slowed quite a bit. I'm not getting out as much so I'm meeting less people. arthritis makes it more difficult to perform sleight of hand as dexterously as in earlier years. Nevertheless, it's been a magical life and continues to be. I never leave the house without something in my pocket to entertain others with a quick sleight of hand.
I am part Native American from the Iroquois of the Oneida Nation in the Turtle Clan on my father's side and of Mayan descent on my mother's side who was born in Central America and whose blood line is traced to the Mayan Empire.
I celebrate my ancestral roots as a bona fide medicine man. I am considered a 'spirit healer'. This is why I have given my website as a medicine man because the art of magic is my second lifelong interest and full-time hobby while healing the spirit of a troubled individual is my actual purpose in life as I believe that true happiness is doing something beneficial for others.
Myself at age 19 performing the cups and balls
Milo and Roger, my mentors
Tallcat the Magician 
Myself in my medicine man regalia