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Jonathon Allwood ( Jr?Swenney The Lost Boy)

life to live forever magic is a joy for use all !

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Hi there I am ghost to some People! In this world, i live to do magic & help the magic arts, i have seen a lot of magic and magicians. I have got some effects . Cool books & effects!i enjoy doing at times when i get ask!in time i may do a books on magic Or review effects! Some of my reviews can be seen on vanshing inc! I am a lds member. (Mormon) my dream is to run a magic family business , one time i gave a boy a job And some how i  became friends who did the book bigger fish2!i love books history &theory close up i like to see new  effect! i some time come Up with some nice things ( new effect that have been seen by any one let! i love classic !i hope my 0utlook to magic can help the next magicians remember all things about this fun art!so some magic effect may not get lost!i hope to become a teacher with art and have fun and go place an be remember for the years i gave to this joyful world of delight & meet friends too!