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Jeremy Mikaelson

Jeremy uses magic to make connections with people leaving them a unique lifetime memory. Book Jeremy: jeremymikaelson.com


Jeremy Mikaelson is an extremely talented magician and actor who has won mutiple international awards. 


From Las Vegas night clubs to high school stadiums in China, Jeremy Mikaelson has entertained and mesmerized audiences across the country and all over the world at his young age of 21. He is a also regular performer at New York's Longest running off boardway magic show Monday Night Magic. Mikaelson has won multiple prestigious awards including the Championship in the International Magic Contest hosted by the world's oldest magic organization, the Society of American Magicians. His winning story is featured on WCAX-3 New as well as Saint Michael's College News. Saint michael's magazine wrote an special article about his amazing magic shows. Besides performing magic, Mikaelson spends his time acting on stage in professional theater productions at Saint Michael's College. 


Awards and Experience:

1st Place    International Magic Contest of Experience, SAM  2018

Finalist      90th IBM Gold Medal Competition   2018

Inspiration Award (Full Scholarship) McBride's Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas 2017

1st Place    5th International Magic Competition  Canadian Association of Magicians 2017

Finalist      88th IBM Convention, Gold Medal Competition, International Brotherhood of Magicians 2016

2nd Place   51st Magicpoolza, Florida Association of Magicians  2016

1st   Place   25th MLK Annual Talent Show, Saint Michael's College 2016

2nd Place   4th International Magic Competition, Canadian Association of Magicians 2016

Being Selected as a contestant in The World Championship of Performing Arts (2016)

Auditioned for America's Got Talent Season 11  (2015)


"This kid not only does great magic, he is a talented artist."

                                                                                            --Lance Burton

 "A lot of Charm" 

                                                                                             --The Linking Ring magazine

"Jeremy's act is very professional and is the best I have seen in today's competition. Jeremy, I am very proud of you"

                                                                                            --Johnny Thompson (The God Farther of Magic)

"This kid is going to be a big time star."

                                                                                            --Al Sperry (CEO of Care Stream America)

"Jeremy is the future superstar of magic. He will go very far in this business."

                                                                                            --Jeff Mcbride (World Renowned Magician)

"He has tons of talents."

                                                                                            --Rex Alexandre (Mentalist, Stage Manager)

"Mikaelson's stage act is very creative, slick and inspired. You will enjoy the magical talents of this fine young perfromer."

                                                                                           --Jeff Christensen(Representative of Magic school)

 "He is the person who inspired me to work harder."

                                                                                           --Alex Bigelow (No Dophins leading musician) 

Mikaelson opened the Champions of Magic Show in the 88th IBM Annual Magic Convention in San Antonio, Texas in 2016. His stage act and great talent was highly recognized and appreciated by the legdendary las vegas magician Johnny Thompson and the one of the best close-up magicians, Eugene Burger. Johnny Thompson and Eugene Burger both voted Jeremy for People's Choice Award. World renowed magician Jeff Mcbride booked Jeremy to perform in the night club Wonderground right after he saw Jeremy's act. 



Saint Michael's College        


Church Street Market Place    

The Heritage Automotive group 

Middlebury College               

Care Stream Medical       

Care Stream America       

Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino       

Jeff Mcbride's Wondergroud           

Monday Night Magic              

Boy Scouts of America    

Girl Scouts of America 


Book Jeremy for your next event: jeremymikaelson.com   jeremymikaelsonmagic@gmail.com