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"Funny Doctor, Serious Medicine"

About Jeffrey Pearson

Dr. Jeff Pearson, aka Magic Doc, is a real bona-fide "ician" - he is a board certified family & sports medicine physician, a close up and bar magician, musician and an "improvisician." In addition to people paying for him to see them nakey, he is a skilled entertainer with a preference for close-up and bar magic. His magical mentors were Bob Elliott, JC Wagner, and Joe Monti, among others. He was privileged to have attended Obie's 4F (Fechter's Finger Flinging Frolic) convention and is proud to call many well-known magicians his friend. At his Las Vegas wedding (held atop of the Stratosphere Hotel on the 4th of July 2012), the ceremony was performed by Paul Draper with a wonderful dove production performed by Johnny and Pam Thompson! He entertains his patients daily, using magic and humor to reduce their fear of physicians and for teaching them about their conditions. He trains medical students, including magic in his curriculum. You can find him entertaining at local charity events and behind the bar of the "G-Spot" (aka the Grand Avenue Bar & Grill, Carlsbad, CA) most Tuesday evenings.