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1 Six-Year Term For U.S. President

About Edward Morris

Ed Morris is a retired civil trial lawyer. He and his wife, and 5 children, sailed for 5 months alone in their tiny boat exploring uninhabited islands. He was president of International Brotherhood of Magicians, and performed 21 shows at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He entertained on stages throughout the world, and in 50 remote native villages in 10 countries of Africa, and in monasteries of Asia, and in presidential palaces.

He lectured on cruise ships about unusual magic beliefs of different cultures, and how to live without stress, and the advantages of a single six-year term for the U.S. President.

Ed and Betty own part of a South Pacific island where they live a simple life for four months each year with no TV, no radio, no phone and no computer. They are both night certified SCUBA divers and swim three times a day in the ocean. Their other home is on famous Nob Hill in San Francisco.

He is a former president of Alumni Association of University of California, including Berkeley and UCLA, former regent of University of California, former chairman of the Advisory Board of Lawrence Hall of Science, and past president of the Weather Modification Association, which involves making rain and snow. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs, and testified before U.S. Congressional hearings.

His books include: The Demagogue’s Disease, and Evolution to Sainthood, and The CURE for the Demagogue’s Disease, and Kathleen! Kathleen!, and Secret Not Forgotten, and May I Sit on Your Towel? and Substance Abuse—Understand and Avoid It, and How to Manage Stress before it Manages You.

His latest book, co-authored with Betty, is a joint autobiography titled, May I Sit on Your Towel?  Revised Updated EDITION. (A GI returning from World War II meets the girl of his dreams on the beach.) This is a story of their 90 years of joys and tragedies from childhood to old age. Meet celebrities and fascinating people that influenced their lives. Learn of their legal battle with a strange phenomenon. Experience the 5 months at sea in their tiny boat with 5 children, and the fun of buying and enjoying a tropical island. Enjoy their travel as First Lady and President of the magicians as they entertain around the world. Their story captures the spirit of the times and shows how their lives were shaped by the major events in world history. This joint autobiography reveals truths about themselves, their talents and flaws, and the mistakes they made—the negative material is not kept under the rug. The reader will travel to unusual and fascinating locations of the world, and learn of their unbelievable experiences.