I.B.M. Contest

I.B.M. 2021 Online Contests

Contest Signup: Printable Word Document



  1. All contestants of the International Brotherhood of Magicians contest must be members in good standing.
  2. All contestants must be registered for the online convention, and complete the contestant application form for the contest.
  3. Applications completed for the youth contest must be signed by the contestant’s legal guardian.
  4. Applications must be received via e-mail or mailed to the contest chairperson before the deadline of June 11, 2021.  
  5. Contest performances may not include the knowingly unauthorized use of intellectual property.
  6. As the audiences attending the online convention may include children, no “blue” or inappropriate material will be permitted.
  7. The contest act should be no more than 10 minutes.
  8. Although not mandatory, it is highly suggested that any music used be royalty free.
  9. No contestant may be a paid performer or lecturer on any of the online convention shows or events, or a paid provider of any other services performed in the interest of the online convention.
  10. Use as much confetti or fire as you see fit.

Procedure for the Contests:

Each contestant must upload a high quality, landscape format, recording submission of his/her final act, recorded between March 1, 2021 and June 10, 2021, via Youtube, or Vimeo with a passcode, emailed to ibmcontestmunoz@gmail.com.  If an alternate method is needed, please contact Melody Munoz at the above email for further details. Recordings made prior to those dates are not applicable to this year’s contest.

Due to the limited time available for the contest, the contest committee will view all submissions, from which three Adult Stage Contestants, three Adult Close-up Contestants, and three Youth Contestants will be selected as finalists for the online contest. Each applicant will be notified by email as to the status of his/her advancement to the finals. 

Those recordings selected for the finals, will be broadcast during the Friday afternoon contest portion of the online convention. In agreeing to enter the contest, the contestant agrees to allow I.B.M. to broadcast the video during the convention. A panel of judges will decide the winners of each category. The attendees of the convention will have the opportunity to vote for a People’s Choice Award.  Winners will be announced before the final show of the convention. It is requested that each contestant who advances to the finals, wear their costume pictured in the recording to the Saturday night show. 

Please keep in mind, the judges will be looking for contestants who record an act which will be able to transfer to stage or in person close-up. Camera effects are discouraged.

Prizes for the Contests are as follows:

Adult Stage/Parlor Contest:   $400

Adult Close-Up Contest:       $400

Youth Contest:                       $200

People’s Choice Award          $100

CLICK HERE to download the contest application form.

As this contest is not a Gold Excellence contest, the Gold Medal and the Gold Cups will not be in contention.

If you have questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Contest Director, Melody Munoz at Ibmcontestmunoz@gmail.com.