LBTS Scholarship



Thanks to the generosity of the Endowment & Development Fund, we are delighted to announce that the travel scholarship will again be available for two lucky teens to help defray the travel costs to the 2020 Lance Burton Teen Seminar, and the I.B.M. Convention in Pittsburgh.

Two scholarships will pay up to $500 for teens living more than 300 miles outside of the Pittsburgh area. Payment for the scholarships will be on a reimbursement basis upon receipt of appropriate documentation. The travel costs are restricted to economy airfare or mileages reimbursement at the rate of $0.545 per mile.


Interested teens will complete the application form (below) and submit it electronically to Simone Marron, the Program Administrator, at  She will review the application for accuracy and completeness; if judged acceptable, it will be forwarded to the LBTS core faculty for review. Final decisions, including winners and alternates, will be announced on May 15, 2020.


 Lance Burton Teen Seminar - Application for Partial Travel Scholarship 


Please respond completely.  The more information we have, the better able we are to evaluate your application. We anticipate may applications for these travel scholarships, so be thorough in your response.


Any teenager is eligible to apply for a Lance Burton Teen Seminar Partial Travel Scholarship regardless of gender or native language provided they have a deep passion and substantial commitment to the art of magic. Non-native English language speakers must be proficient in the English language, which is the mode of instruction.


Your completed application must be received by May 1, 2020, although earlier applications are encouraged.  Decisions will be announced on May 15, 2020.

Scholarships to be Awarded

Two scholarships will be awarded to teens living more than 300 miles outside of Pittsburgh, but within the United States.  Each partial travel scholarship will pay up to $500 on a reimbursable basis upon documentation of receipts.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is required from someone who can attest to your character and your commitment to magic.  That letter should include the length and nature of their relationship to you as well as an assessment of how participation in the Seminar will benefit you. The letter should be sent to the Program Administrator.

Application Preparation Tips

Feel free to expand your responses to each application section, but please do so with substance, not puffery.  Beyond the essential demographic information, we are particularly interested in your rationale: why do you want to attend the Lance Burton Teen Seminar?  Additionally, since we know that our partial travel scholarship will not cover all of your expenses, the Review Committee will seek assurance that you have access to funds from other sources to participate in the entire I.B.M. Convention. The Convention Registration Fees are as follows:

·         Youth I.B.M. Members  - FREE

·         Parents (non-magical, must accompany youth   -  $150


Submission of Application

When your application is complete, email all materials to Simone Marron, the Program Administrator at You will receive a confirmation that your application has been received.

Your Contact Information


Mailing Address______________________________________________________________



Phone________________________________________________Current Age______

Social Media (indicate links, as appropriate, for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Snapchat, Tumblr, and other related information)

Rationale for Attending Lance Burton Teen Seminar

1.     How does this Seminar fit into your future magic plans?



2.     What else would you like the Review Committee to know when evaluating your application?



Financial Need

Our partial travel scholarships are need-based. Please explain in specific detail the life circumstances that lead you to apply for this need-based partial travel scholarships.  Why is the cost of transportation beyond your current budget? Since we only provide partial travel scholarships, how will you cover your additional convention-related expenses?