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27 Apr

Your Help Needed with Broken Wand Information

Category: Broken Wand   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 I.B.M. Needs your help with confirmations and information

From time to time the I.B.M. learns of the death of magicians from a variety of sources, but cannot confirm the deaths or find enough information to create an obituary to put in the Broken Wand in The Linking Ring. Of course we want to pay tribute to them in the Broken Wand, thank them for bringing wonder to people and making them smile over the years. But we need confirmations and more information.
Over the past six months or so our list of these magicians with missing information has grown longer and longer. We ask here for help from readers who can help us in any way -- an e-mail of a family member or friend, a telephone number, a copy of a funeral home or newspaper obituary, the day of death -- anything. Please send to Broken Wand editor Dennis Schick at Thank you.
Here is our current list of deaths with little or no information:
Peter Bentley, Florida;
Peter D’Arcy (Peter John Syrett), England;
Jerry Deschamps, New Hampshire;
Roger Dumontet, France;
Gavin Peter Dudley, Australia;
Reginald Lawrence, Australia;
Hugh Nightingale, England;
James Partington, Florida;
Humberto Perez, Florida;
Paul Pinner, England;
David Price, England;
Stan Reynolds, England;
Thomas Rinella, Illinois;
Eric Sharp, Wales; 
Norman Taylor, Northern Ireland.
Please help us to not only honor these people, but to record their obituaries in the I.B.M. Broken Wand archives.

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