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18 Mar

"You Are the Magic" by Kyle Peron

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Message by Kyle Peron (US)

Here is an interesting thought that has crossed my mind lately. It is just something I have always done but I never stopped to think about just how very important I feel it really is. It is a very simple statement and one I will try and define for you. "You are the magic...always!" What do I mean by that and what is my point exactly? Allow me to explain if I may.

First, being a magician is an honor and a privilege and this is something that I feel everyone should embrace and remember. Not everyone can be a magician and not everyone gets the chance to perform magic. To call yourself a magician is something special and not to be taken lightly as some folks do. If I want the art form of magic to be taken seriously, then I first must take it seriously myself.

With this stated, I see so many performers who basically turn it on and turn it off. What I mean is that once the show is over, they stop being a magician. To me if you say you are a magician, then you should be one at all times. Being a magician should not be about turning it on when you want and off when you want.

With this in mind, how do you personally seek opportunities to share your magic even when it is not a paid gig? Some of you may simply choose not to perform unless paid. That is your personal choice. I prefer to take an opposite approach. If I say I am a magician, then I seek opportunities to share my magic with anyone I can share it with.

I always keep on me several things at all times no matter what I am wearing or where I may be going. These are a deck of cards (set up with a few gaffs), rubber bands and my business cards in a business card case. I always have these on me and it has just become habit for me to bring them with me just like it would be putting shoes on in the morning.

I do this because I am a magician and as a magician I should be able to perform anything at any time whether someone asks me or if the opportunity presents itself. How many times have you been somewhere (a non gig) and someone found out you were a magician? Probably a lot of you. Now how many of you stopped to talk to the person and ask if they would like to see something? Maybe not as many of you as people may think.

Some folks are 1) not prepared to perform anything 2) feel they are not getting paid so why perform or 3) just too tired or busy to give the person the time. I always make the time, I always am prepared and I am never too busy to promote magic. This does not mean you need or should do a full 10 minute show. It simply means showing the person a simple little bit of magic that may only be 1 minute. But it is that 1 minute that the person will remember.

There are many chances to be able to perform magic and it does not always have to be when someone asks you. Now this does not mean forcing yourself on someone. It simply means seeking opportunities to show your magic when those opportunities present themselves. Just last week I was standing in line at a store and a child in front started crying. I did a simple 30 second magic trick. The child stopped crying and smiled and the mom thanked me for it. 30 seconds out of my day was nothing compared to the feelings my magic generated for those few people.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to market yourself. The person is going to remember the experience you created for them and giving them a business card at the end helps them to remember you and the experience. Perhaps the person was having a bad day and your bit of generosity really helped. Perhaps you then even get a paid gig from this person somewhere down the road. To me, this little time out of your day is a small price to pay for such great rewards. Besides we are magicians and we should be one always.

As always, I encourage you the readers to let me know your thoughts. So if you have any thoughts on my articles or suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me directly at I would love to hear from you.

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