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26 Oct

Video of Calvert's Full Evening Illusion Show Posted

Category: News   Posted by: I.B.M. Website Editor

A two-hour video of John Calvert's full show from 1995 has been posted on YouTube, thanks to the efforts of William V. Rauscher, Calvert's biographer, and Rory Feldman. The video shows John Calvert in 1995, age 84 performing his full evening stage show in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. See Calvert at his best with all his classic tricks and illusions: The Grand Opening, Magazine Tear, Floating Organ, Nest Of Boxes, Spirit Cabinet, Levitation, Drum That Can't Be Beat, Cannon Shot, Dancing Hank, Blindfolded Audio-sharpshooting, and much more.

Mr. Calvert died September 27, 2013. He lived to be 102 and was an icon of the magic world. He remains a "legend of legerdemain." The charismatic Calvert was a magician, actor, pilot, yachtsman, film producer, world traveler, and adventurer. He is presented here, from the archives of Bill Rauscher. The performance is shared with the permission of his wife Tammy and his nephew Fred Calvert.

The video may also be accessed here

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