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03 Sep

Two Magicians Make AGT Finals; One to Go

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

As the tenth season (not necessarily ten years) of America’s Got Talent (AGT) is drawing to a close, with the first of two Semi-Final shows airing Tuesday and Wednesday, September 1st and 2nd, magicians are receiving lots of love. Of the eleven acts in Semi-Finals One, two were magicians, and BOTH of them were voted to move into the Top Ten Finals on September 15. 

Magician Derek Hughes performed a torn-and-restored-newspaper effect (the Gene Anderson version), using a kid’s storybook as his prop. He came out in his pajamas, explaining that it was bedtime where he lived, and he wanted to read a story to his children. The story was original by him, and the illustrations were by a friend of his. The judges and audience appreciated both the effect and the originality.


Magician Oz Pearlman, who bills himself as a ”mentalist,” did an effect in which he poured five different liquids in five cups, and then while blind-folded by the hands of Heidi Klum, said what drinks Howard Stern was picking up and sipping. Then he predicted what drinks each of the other two judges (Howie Mandell and Mel B.) were just THINKING of. Again, everyone was astounded.


Since just naming the five acts moving to the finals took about fifteen minutes, to fill the rest of the time, there were several magic acts by members of The Illusionists, a new magic variety show which will debut in New York City soon, and then play selected cities across the country, before ending with their own television special sometime next year. Among the acts was a hand-shadow-puppet show (“magic” in its own way), an impalement, a straitjacket escape (with the added gimmick of the magician being on fire), and a handcuff gag with Howie.


So there was lots of magic Tuesday evening on NBC, once again demonstrating the continuing popularity of magic today.


But wait, there’s MORE. There is ONE MORE MAGICIAN in the mix. One of the acts in next week’s SECOND Semi-Final Show, is also a magician.  It is Piff the Magic Dragon (with his performing dog, Mr. Piffles), who was moved to the live shows in Radio City Music Hall via a Golden Buzzer from guest judge Neil Patrick Harris, the actor who also is a magician. In full dragon costume, he has a wild sense of humor in his magic act.


So watch next Tuesday, September 8th, and then vote for Piff as many times as you can. The easiest way is to go to, click on the “vote now” icon, and then vote TEN TIMES for Piff. You can vote in other ways, too, but it’s too complicated for me, so just check them out. Incidentally, you can also watch FULL SHOWS of the AGT series, there on the NBC site, as well as find out about all the contestants..


Just think, after a magician won the entire thing last season -- Mat Franco -- there COULD be THREE (3) magicians in the Top Ten on September 16. But it would help if YOU voted to help make it happen.



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