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19 Sep

TVP Spotlight

Category: Blog   Posted by: S. Patrick Toman

Allow me to introduce myself!  I am the Territorial Vice President for the eastern half of the state of Pennsylvania.  I am in charge of seven different I.B.M. Rings:  

My home Ring 332 in Stroudsburg, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Ring 30, Philadelphia/Springfield Ring 6, Allentown Ring 32, Reading Ring 57,   State College Ring 352, and Harrisburg/Hershey Ring 20.

I became the TVP for the state of Pennsylvania over eight years ago, but quickly realized that Pennsylvania is a big state.  The I.B.M. then created a post for a TVP in the western half of the state (Erie and Pittsburgh, among others), which is run by Mark Zajicek.  

I have been a member of the I.B.M. for over ten years. Back in 2000-2003 I took a break from magic, but I got back into it in 2004.  I have been performing since my teenage years back in the late ’80s.

I wanted to become a TVP to strengthen communication throughout the organization.  For the longest time, I never knew who the TVP was or how to contact them.  They never came to any of the meetings I went to back in the day.  I only heard about what was going on in the I.B.M through the international website, which wasn’t as abundant with info as it is today.  I knew that if I wanted to make the connections, I had to do it myself.  So I volunteered, got the ball rolling, and have never looked back.

My current magic love is mentalism, so I am studying the works or Annemann, Corinda, Cassidy, and Osterlind. But since I cut my teeth on comedy magic, my influences would include Jeff Hobson, Michael Finney, David Williamson, Daryl, and Fielding West.

I started my career performing as a teenager, then entered the Air Force at eighteen.  I competed in the Air Force Talent Competition three times, taking honors in two of them.  I am now what you would call a worker.  I work in the Northeast, performing over a hundred shows a year. 

I recently created a Facebook page to connect all the members of Rings in my charge who are on Facebook.  You can check it out at  I want to make sure that the lines of communication remain open in both directions, and I can think of no better, or faster way to do that currently than by using social media.  

I hope that more members take advantage of being a member of the I.B.M., and I hope that our current and future leadership can take the I.B.M. to new heights.  I’d love to see a bunch of new ideas and concepts to spark the I.B.M. into attracting new members!

If you are anywhere near the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, check out our I.B.M. Ring website at and stop in for a visit.  We’d love to have you!


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