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19 Sep

TVP South Carolina

Category: Blog   Posted by: TONY METZE

Greetings to all my magical brothers and sisters. I am Tony Metz, the TVP for the state of South Carolina and was appointed in 2005. I joined the I.B.M. at the age of 16, the youngest one could join at the time. That was 1976, which means I have been a member of the I.B.M. for 38 years. My first exposure to magic began at the age of 8 when my father bought me a magic kit from a circus magician. The bug bit, as people say, and every day I cherish the joy of bringing smiles and wonder. In the year 2007 my colleagues conferred on me the SCAM Magician of the year. My greatest memory was meeting Slydini. I was attending the SEAM convention in the late 1970s and Slydini was seated on the couch in the hotel lobby. He invited me to sit by him and taught me a Linking Pin routine. That memory and the skill and kindness of Slydini lives with me every day.

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