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02 Oct

Tom Mullica is cover story for October 2013 Linking Ring

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Tom Mullica, one of the funniest magicians of all time, is the cover subject of the October 2013 issue of The Linking Ring. He recently moved to Las Vegas, but is still making people laugh as Red Skelton, in Branson, Missouri. This issue also continues coverage of the I.B.M. convention in Phoenix; includes coverage of the KIDabra Conference, continues an excerpt from Harry Larayne's new book, brings you a list of Ring Themes to choose from; and announces an exciting project to fight malaria in Africa, while bringing you some great magic. Let's take a walk through the issue. 

Since ADVERTISING pays for a large percentage of the cost of this publication, it is appropriate to highlight them upfront. We start with the full-page ads, followed by the half-page ads, and then those which are smaller. Please not only BUY from them, but mention that you SAW THEIR AD in The Linking Ring.

And if you have a product or service for magicians and others who read this magazine, please contact our advertising manager, B.J. Hickman, at (603)  970-1045. He'll be happy to show you how advertising in The Linking Ring and/or on the I.B.M. Web Portal, will help increase your sales.




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HARRY LORAYNE -- new book, "Before I Forget."

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As usual, after the opening section of advertisements, Editor Sammy Smith gives us insights in his FROM THE EDITOR column. This month he observes that the development and speed of technology is as much the message as the message itself. Across the page, President BILL EVANS uses his column -- THE PRESIDENT'S PAGE -- to reflect on his observations of and with veteran magician Fielding West at Magic Live in Las Vegas in August. The bottom line: never speak negatively of another magician, and keep a positive attitude at all times.

The cover story is about the veteran comedy magician Tom Mullica and catching up on his colorful career and life. Three years ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia, and many people thought he was dying or even dead. But he has recovered, is cancer-free, and has continued making people laugh, as he uses his skills and talents in a tribute show to Red Skelton. Recently he moved to Las Vegas, but he continues his show in Branson.

Continuing coverage of the 85th Annual Convention of the I.B.M. in Phoenix in July, this issue shows seven pages of photos of all the contestants in the close-up and stage contests. Also, there are reviews of the Big Three Shows; the six lectures, and the Six Pack teach-in sessions.

RING EVENTS this month came from Ring 26 (New York City), Ring 140 (Ithaca, New York), Ring 151 (Ottawa), Ring 219 (Lafayette, Indiana), Ring 257 (Las Vegas), and Ring 291 (Palm Springs). These descriptions of special Ring activities give ideas for lecturers and other events your Ring might consider.

KIDABRA is one of those specialty groups (for kid and family entertainers) which have become increasingly popular in recent years. B..J. Hickman -- the Advertising Manager for The Linking Ring and the I.B.M. Web Portal -- is one of those entertainers, and attended this year's KIDabra Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He reviews that convention for the rest of us in three pages of text and photos. 

In her column MAGICAL MOMENTS, Adele Friel Rhindress tells us about one of her female magician friends, Suzanne Sinclair.

This month has the second in a series of three excerpts from the new book by veteran magician and memory expert, Harry Lorayne. The book is "Before I Forget," and this excerpt is entitled "Best Trick of All." Mr. Lorayne selected the three excerpts himself, especially for publication here.

In his column CUTTING UP JACKPOTS, Bev Bergeron brings us a story about "Jim Ryan -- The Red Hot Mama." He gives us the fascinating background of this effect.

Marty Hahne talks about "Relating to Younger Children" in his column THE KID-SHOW CIRCUIT; and Skip Way devotes his POLISHING THE RINGS column this month to "Fishing for Members." He gives some great ideas on how and where to find new members for your Ring.

The BUSINESS OF THE SHOW column, by Scott Humston, brings us "Needs and Wants" this month. He relates the human struggle to distinguish between needs and wants, and relates it to finding and booking shows. Peter Scarlett brings us his monthly column -- THE LONDON EYES -- on what is happening in Great Britain and the I.B.M.'s largest Ring (25).

New Zealand's David Taylor has compiled a list of "53 Theme Suggestions for Magic at Ring Meetings," and shares them with us this month. What a terrific thought-starter list for every RIng to consider as they plan their year's ideas.

For a number of years, several groups have raised money to buy mosquito nets for people in Africa, to help combat malaria, which wills thousands of people every year. The National Basketball Association ("Nothing But Nets") and the United Methodist Church are two of the most visible and familiar projects. Now there is a new one, created by Canadian magicians David Peck and Matt Disero. Read all about their clever  "Stop the Sucking" project.

In the October issue is the occasional list of RING LOCATIONS, so wherever you travel in the world you can see where there is an I.B.M. Ring to visit.

The HOCUS POCUS PARADE this month is by Jim Magus, a pioneer in bizarre magic. He brings us ten different effects. Mike Powers turns over his THE CARD CORNER column to veteran cardician Paul Lelekis, one of the best card men around. He brings us, "Gestalt." 

A half-page house ad reminds everyone that the free e-book -- Roberto Giobbi's "Introduction to Card Magic" -- is still available to I.B.M. members to read online or to download. Go to the I.B.M. Web Portal and click on the Member Benefits button at the top right.

In his column WAYS AND MEANS, Joe Turner brings us "Covert Travelers, by Steve Schlanger. It is always fun to read how a magician takes some effect and changes or improves or adapts it with a new interpretation.

Peter Marucci brings us "Number of the Beast," in his monthly column, SHOWTIME.  And Ed Solomon's STORYTELLING MAGIC column is entitled "The Mummy's Last Stand." 

The HOCUS IN FOCUS section brings us reviews the following product reviews:


Cool Kid Show Comedy Magic: The Comedy Magic of Norm Barnhart

Making the Cut, by Ryan Schlutz

None Uneasy Pieces, by Robert E. Neale


Amos Levkovitch: Wings, by Amos Levkovitch

Dan Harlan's Pack Small, Play Big, Vol. 9: The Bizarre Magic Show

European Coin Magic Symposium, 2nd Ed., Milan 2011, Col. 3 & 4


Devious, by Brandon David and Chris Ruechi

Spheres, by Vernet Magic


Bitten (trick) by Bob Solari

The Card Puzzle (trick) by Woody Aragon

Consolid-ACE-Shun (trick), by Jack Skalon

Silkeny (trick), by Inaki Zabaletta

Taro-San the Fisherman and the Weeping Willow Tree (book), by Richard Hatch

Tear No Tear Pad (trick), by Alan Wond

The BROKEN WAND this month pays tribute to fifteen magicians whose deaths we learned about since last month. It is a privilege to honor these people for their long careers of making other people wonder and laugh.

For October there are sixty-four RING REPORTS from I.B.M. Rings all over the world. Please don't just skip over these, since they are full of golden nuggets for you to try at your Ring. If you LOOK for good ideas to consider, you will find them.


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