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20 Aug

The Vital Role of the Territorial Vice President

Category: Article   Posted by: Roger Way

I have had the privilege and honor of serving my home state of North Carolina as Territorial Vice President since 2011. I also served Past International President Bill Evans and current International President Shawn Farquhar as the chair of the Territorial Vice President Nomnation/Ring Counselor Committee (TVPN/RCC). Allow me to share what I have learned over the past three years about the signicance and importance of the TVP role and how underused this vital position is today.
The authority to represent the a TVP is bestowed by the Board of Trustees and is managed through the TVPN/RCC. However, it is the respect and support of our Rings and members that make it possible for us to fully serve you and the I.B.M..
Our role is not a passive or purely ceremonial one. TVPs are selected from among our most knowledgeable magicians. They are active and attentive listeners, patient mentors, and supportive of the I.B.M. mission. We engage our magic constituents by rolling up our sleeves and diving into the business of serving the magic arts right beside you.  
The TVP is a positive role model. We believe that our actions are stronger than words. Our TVPs consistently serve through personal example. Wherever our TVPs go, we leave a professional and optimistic image of the I.B.M..
TVPs cannot be afraid to take risks. The best are bold enough to challenge the status quo for the benefit of our territory. With our peers, we anticipate when change is needed and seek better options. We never accept "It's always been done this way" as a the only viable solution.  
Our strongest TVPs admit when we're wrong. Leading by example  puts us squarely on the frontline. Blazing new trails and speaking out when others stand silently upon the status quo is always a risk, but progress is impossible without it. We won't allow the fear of failure or rejection to prevent us from building a progressive and supportive territory for our members. 
We actively mentor new leaders. We excel and mature as leaders by cultivating the strengths of others. When we detect high-potential talent, we mentor them and provide them with a path for long-term success.
Every time we sponsor a peer, we put our reputation at risk for the benefit of that peer. We challenge these potential leaders to make decisions and test their mettle as we guide them towards excellence in the I.B.M.. We never lose sight of the fact that we may be grooming a future board member or International President!
Our brightest TVPs project an executive presence on behalf of the I.B.M.. Each TVP is a valued ambassador for the I.B.M. and for the art of magic. We firmly believe that every I.B.M. member has value.  We believe that every Ring is a potential wellspring of talent, innovation, and growth for our magic peers. We take pride in allowing our reputation and leadership record to preceed us. 
Strong TVPs are not addicted to stealing credit. We're more concerned with building strong teams and mentoring future leaders than with seeking personal recognition. Serving as a TVP is ultimately about guiding, inspiring, and empowering our Rings and members toward ever greater opportunities.
Our best TVPs are approachable. By accepting this position, we accept the responsibility of remaining readily available and responsive to your questions and calls for help. We all have bad and busy days. We're human. Yet, we are dedicated to responding to every inquiry cheerfully, professionally, and rapidly.  
If you are a TVP and you find yourself lacking any of the qualities outlined above, consider this honest personal appraisal. Help us, your TVPN/RC Committee, to help you set and achieve new goals for your territory. If your interest or ability to serve your territory is in question, please consider passing your role to a new, energized leader for the sake of your members - and thank you sincerely for your service and devotion over the years!
If your TVP fails to meet the qualities and goals outlined above, please don't be afraid to speak out for change. International President Shawn Farquhar and his team are dedicated to revitalizing the prestige and energy of the TVP network for the benefit of us all. Every member deserves the best local leadership possible. Help us make this work for you!
About the Author. Roger Way, Skip to his entertainment peers, is a full-time family entertainer based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Skip is a retired and decorated USAF Criminal Investigator. He has been an active member and officer of the successful Lee-Snavely Ring #199 since 2002. He has served as North Carolina's TVP since 2011 and as a member of the I.B.M. Youth Committee since 2005. He currently serves as Ring Coordinator and chairs the TVP Nomination/Ring Counselor Committee. Skip was inducted to the I.B.M. Executive Committee in July. Somehow, he finds time to write features and columns for The Linking Ring, The KIDabra Journal, and The Funny Paper. His passion for the I.B.M. is overshadowed only by his love of magic, laughter, and people. 

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