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07 Feb

The Illusionists Now Owned by Cirque de Soleil

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

          Good news for magicians!

         According to newspaper reports — in Variety and the New York Times — the entertainment giant,  Cirque du Soleil, has purchased the company which produces “The Illusionists.”

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group has announced it has purchased The Works Entertainment, the production company behind the touring magic show, “The Illusionists.”


This is the third acquisition by the group in the past three years. Earlier the company purchased the Blue Man Group in 2017 and VStar Entertainment Group in 2018.


The deal allows the company to expand beyond its current touring footprint. Currently Cirque du Soleil shows tour to over 450 cities around the world. 


The format of “The Illusionists” — five magicians sharing the same stage — could easily expand to two-to-five or more touring shows.


The Works also produces other live touring shows like “Now You See Me Live” — based on the 2013 motion picture — and “Circus 1903 — The Golden Age of Circus.” They also produce cabaret-type shows and musical productions. VStar focuses on kid and family live entertainment shows.


According to President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group Daniel Lamar, his company is going to leave the new company alone. There is no intention of mixing formats. Each has its own strengths and the intent is to help each show get better. 


The purchase price of The Works Entertainment was about forty million dollars, according to the articles.


Simon Painter, co-founder of The Works, said that he told a journalist back in 2011, when they started the company, that they wanted to do for magic what Cirque du Soleil has done for circus. Now he and his investors are a part of that team.

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