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11 May

Statement from International President Oscar Munoz

Category: Blog   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON


Most of you are aware of Jade Tjin’s Facebook post of May 10th. As International President of the I.B.M., I am glad to be able to announce that this situation has been resolved, and Steve Kline will not be hired for the I.B.M./S.A.M. 2017 convention.

I would like to reiterate that the I.B.M. does not tolerate, and has a long-standing policy against, sexual harassment or discrimination in any shape or form.

Those who know me know that I always try to protect and defend the integrity of the I.B.M. and its members. I would like to thank those who passionately stepped forward to help me look after the best interests of this organization, and hold individuals responsible for their decisions. I would also like to commend the LLC for resolving this conflict.


Oscar Muñoz 

President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians 2016-2017



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