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14 Jan

Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp closes

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK



"All great things must come to an end!"

To all campers, friends & family of Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp:

After 20 amazing years of Magic Camp, it is with heavy hearts we announce that our amazing ride has come to an end.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all our staff, artists, sponsors and special guests who made camp such a success. Please be proud of your contributions - together we fulfilled the dreams of many young magicians worldwide!

A warm thank you to Camp Tamarack, Camp White Pine and Camp Northland for being our gracious hosts over the years.

Furthermore, a huge thank you to all the parents who gave us a chance and chose to send their children to Magic Camp. We are grateful every day for the positive impact Sorcerers Safari continues to have on the lives of so many. 

It's been an honour and privilege to have facilitated such special experiences. As we built our Camp Family together, we created something larger than life. Over the years we have watched strangers become lifelong friends, then lifelong friends become family. Without a doubt, the past 20 years have been nothing short of magical. 

We hope and expect that the relationships forged up at camp will continue to thrive and we look forward to following the successes of all of our campers and staff in the years to come.

Finally, as this chapter in magic closes, a brand new one begins. The pages are blank and we’re excited to see what the future generations of magicians will write. Having spent time with many individuals included in those generations up at camp, we’re guessing it will be even more amazing than the last!

And so we know that Sorcerers Safari will live on, forever.

With all our love,

Mike and Jen Segal
 — with Gordon PreciousJason TangChad Juros and 134 others.
Lorena Watters Trevor and I are so happy we became a part of the sorcerers safari family!!! We'll definitely miss everyone and those amazing kids!!! Thanks for giving them the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of magic!! â¤â¤â¤â¤
Brian Roberts Thank you Mike, Jen and all involved. A monumental adventure that will live on in so many hearts. For me it was a small run, but I can't thank you enough for the inspiration it gave my son Mathew, to pursue a wonderful juggling hobby that may someday turn into more. It's given him confidence and a unique skill that others always find so interesting. True magic indeed.
With love,
Maria Grady Thanks Mike & Jen! It was great picking up Jack from @ mp. He always had the best time and learned so much.
Ryan Martin Heiner BEST CAMP EVER!
Ali Shelley Mike and Jen, Thanks for welcoming me with open arms into the fam....You two are a dymanic duo and you did it right! Not only did you take me in, late in the game, but you introduced me to so many wonderful and talented people who I am now proud to cal...See More
Kristi Heath We here at Heath Tarlin (all 4 of us!) LOVED being enveloped in the warm glow of magic camp! Truly a special, special place. Thanks for pouring your heart and soul into it for so many years. You changed so many lives!



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