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21 Sep

Siegfried & Roy Publish a Letter of Support for Criss Angel

Category: News   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON

Criss Angel held a benefit at the Luxor last week to raise a million dollars for pediatric cancer. Among the many celebrities that came out in support for Criss and his foundation were Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy. Today, SARMOTI (Siegfried & Roy, Masters of the Impossible) published a letter to their fans pledging their ongoing support. The content of the letter was as follows:

September 16, 2016

Dear Friends and Fans,

Monday, the 12th of September was a very different and special day. We were invited by Criss Angel to kick off his new charity benefiting pediatric cancer, which has affected his son. Did you know that every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer? Because of Criss’ initiative in bringing attention to this terrible disease we are all hoping to reduce that statistic.

We are so proud of Criss having the courage to produce such a wonderful event – and boy, does he look different! He is so professional, sincere, and genuine and we were humbled to be there participating. It was great to see such a young, talented Magician like Criss focusing on such an approach to alleviate suffering. It was a sold out theater, filled with many guests who have been touched in some way by this disease, and Criss has become their Guardian Angel, telling them help is on the way.

Criss paid for the entire evening personally. After being bombarded by bad news every day, it was heartwarming to see people gather together like this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a small light, but together we can tackle this disease. Bravo Criss! We tip our hats to you, and you can count on us to continue being part of your efforts.

We respect the Magical Man who has created this awareness!





Photo Credit: Jerry Metellus Photography




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