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29 Sep

Shawn Farquhar: The Future of Magic

Category: Media Magic   Posted by: I.B.M. Website Editor

Shawn Farquhar's new column "Approachable" is somewhat unusual for October. He was driving home from the Sorcerer's Safari magic camp for kids, and videotaped the four people in the car -- Steven Kline, Jason Dean, Wayne Houchin, and himself. All four were instructors for a week at the camp, held each summer at Camp White Pine near Haliburton, Ontario. (This was the location for the movie "Meatballs" with Bill Murray.) The camp is the dream of Mike and Jen Segal, to have a camp to share magic.

Jason was heading to his home in Kansas City; Wayne, to Chico, California; Steven to Columbus, Ohio; and Shawn to his home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The four have become close friends over the years. 

The topic was the future of magic. It is interesting to hear what four veteran magicians think of and say off the tops of their heads. Let's be a fly on the ceiling and listen in to Shawn's prompting. 

Here is that tape, exclusive for I.B.M. members. Don't get car sick as you ride along.

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