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26 Jul

Send Greetings to Joanie Spina

Category:   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Note from Walter Blaney:

Hi friends in magic,  
Joanie Spina is one of the top names in the magic world.  Most know she was the original assistant and choreographer to David Copperfield when he was on his way to becoming the star that he is with his many national TV Specials , and worldwide road show tours.  A performer herself, she starred with my daughter Becky Blaney some years ago in the Claridge Hotel Casino show in Atlantic City for several months with their "Women in Magic" stage show.  Joanie also has been  "a behind the scenes director"  of many top acts, helping them up a notch higher on the ladder to success on the world magic stage. Last month in Los Angeles at the latest AMA Awards Show she was awarded a prestigious Magic Fellowship, and she managed to make a live acceptance appearance to a long standing ovation in spite her her serious illness.
Many know that Joanie is awaiting a liver and double lung transplant,  which will will take place at Methodist Hospital at the famous Medical Center in Houston  as soon as the organs become available.  During the wait she is an hour away from the operating room  24/7 and staying in the home of Daniel Summers, who has opened his home to her, and is taking her to the hospital every other day so she may be monitored and prepared for her surgery when the time comes.
Joanie's birthday is this August 4th, and it would be great if you and her many, many friends around the world could take the time to send her a card and good wishes from you personally.  Please snail mail (with a Forever stamp) to:
Joanie Spina
(c/o Dan Summers)
20727 Great Laurel Ct.
Kingwood, TX  77346

I know Joanie and her friends appreciate so much the many checks that have been sent to her to go toward the considerable medical expenses involved.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Please do it today and she should get it in time for her birthday.   It will make a real difference.
Walter Zaney Blaney 
Walter Blaney
3603 Spring Arbor Way, Kingwood, TX 77345
Phone: 281 360 8014 Fax: 281 360 0472

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