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27 Jan

Samuel Patrick Smith Named New Editor for The Linking Ring Magic Journal

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Fred Casto, President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.), on Saturday, January 27, 2007, appointed Samuel Patrick Smith, as the new editor of The Linking Ring magazine, during the mid-year meeting of the I.B.M. Board of Directors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Smith was one of four longtime members of the I.B.M., applying for the editor’s position.

Samuel Patrick Smith, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, has edited 20 books, nine of them magic books; has edited a publication entitled; Samuel Patrick Smith’s Newsletter of Successful Magic, 1984 – 2002, has also published and edited; The Funny Paper, a magic – comedy magazine from 2005 to present. Smith has been a member in good standing of the I.B.M. for 25-years and is a member of the Order of Merlin. He is also well remembered as part of a trio of magicians who criss-crossed the nation for many years, lecturing on magic shows for children.

The Linking Ring, is the official journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and is distributed to more than 12,000 people each month around the world. Phil Willmarth has been the Executive Editor of The Linking Ring for the past 14-years and leaves his post to become the President of the I.B.M. on June 30, 2007. During his tenure as Editor in Chief of the world’s largest magic publication, Phil has been distinguished with many awards and commendations. He has also brought many new features and innovations to the magazine.

Phil Willmarth is being recognized for his many contributions to magic literature around the world as the recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts “Literary Award” at their annual banquet in Los Angeles, California, in April.

Phil Willmarth told the I.B.M. Board of Directors he is currently working on the March issue of The Linking Ring and has the planning for the April issue well underway. He hopes to make a smooth transition of editors by having Sammy Smith work with him on both of those issues and then letting Smith takeover with the May issue of the magazine.

Sammy Smith is 45, and lives in Eustis, Florida, with his wife Laurel, and two sons Wesley 14, and Austin 11.

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