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07 Sep

Ring 362 Keeps Memory of Chung Ling Soo Alive

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Ring 362 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians honored the memory of Chung Ling Soo, one of the most influential stage magicians in history, with the release of a video on the anniversary of his death.

Chung Ling Soo was born as William Ellsworth Robinson in New York in 1861. William Robinson toured as an assistant and builder with two of the great traveling magic shows of his day before setting out on his own as William Robinson, Man of Mystery.

In response to the demand for Oriental shows sparked by Chinese magician Ching Ling Foo, Robinson assumed the identity of Chung Ling Soo. Chung Ling Soo staged lavish, beautiful shows featuring mostly Western magic made to look Chinese. He carried on the deception offstage, appearing for interviews in makeup and costume, speaking fake Chinese through an "interpreter," who translated for the reporters.

On March 23, 1918, while performing the bullet catch at the Wood Green Empire in London, Chung Ling Soo was killed on stage.

In the video produced by I.B.M. Ring 362, you will see images of the marvelous Chinese conjuror, Chung Ling Soo. The video also includes footage of contestants Professor Miller, the winner of the 2007 Chung Ling Soo Award, and Danny Baker, the winner of the 2009 Chung Ling Soo Award. Professor Miller and Danny Baker will face off in the 2010 Chung Ling Soo Stage Magic Competition, together with first-time contestant Reed Spool.

The contestants will be joined by Sennyo, a hoop dancer, and Paradigm East, a bellydance group. Footage of the dancers is included in the promotional video. Additional performers will be announced at a later time.

I.B.M. Ring 362 will hold the fourth annual Chung Ling Soo Stage Magic Competition at Next Generation Theatre in Brewer, Maine, on Saturday, May 15, at 7:00 P.M. General admission tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children 12 years and under. For advance ticket sales (recommended), call Next Generation Theatre at (207) 989-7100. Doors open at 6:30 P.M. for a 7:00 pm curtain.

Please see the website for I.B.M. RIng 362:

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