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04 Nov

Ohio's Bill Pryor is on November Linking Ring Cover

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Cincinnati, Ohio veteran magician Bill Pryor is the subject of the cover story of the November, 2017 issue of The Linking Ring. For over three decades he was a high school mathematics teacher, using magic in his teaching, as well as teaching other teachers how to use magic in their classrooms. In addition to the cover story about his life, this month’s ONE-MAN PARADE was written by Pryor. It features eight effects. 


Editor Sammy Smith devotes his column this month to long-time illustrator and production guru of The Linking Ring, Tony Dunn, and his recent challenges from Hurricane Irma. And across the page International President Bob Patterson reminds us to say “Thank you” more often, as well as implores all of us to tell people -- especially young people -- about the I.B.M.


Continuing coverage of the I.B.M.-S.A.M. Combined Convention in July, people are listed who were recognized with Linking Ring Awards, including Don Greenberg, for his longtime authorship of the Youth Trivia Contest, with the newly renamed Bamman-Willmarth Trophy. Also, there are four pages of photos from the Dealers Show.


Jamy Ian Swiss writes an interesting article on the age-old debate about what is more important, method versus effect, or gaffs versus skill. “North Korea Delegation Reunion” is a description of the get-together earlier this year by the group of magicians who went to North Korea in 2012. “Pure Coincidence” is a review of the Second Annual Smoke & Mirrors Summer Show at Northwestern University. It is produced by the student magic club.


The Endowment and Development Fund has existed for forty-four years, so an update is in order. This article describes the business plan, mission and some of its projects. In addition to Bill Pryor’s ONE-MAN PARAGE, Dan Alessini also wrote a ONE-MAN PARADE. He brings to us eleven magic effects. And there is a BONUS ROUTINE, “The Woofle Dust Box,” by Clarence S. Miller.




In his column CUTTING UP JACKPOTS, Bev Bergeron brings us “Frank Herman and Jack Benny.” Scott Hood uses his THE THERAPY OF MAGIC column to explain one of his favorite tricks, perfect for therapy, the “Dancing Hanky.” In his MARKETING MAGIC column, Kent Cummins gives “The top 12 ways to achieve organizational goals using entertainment.”  Skip Way continues his column POLISHING THE RINGS with “Different strokes.” Dr. Lynn Miner continues his MAGIC WORDS MATTER column with “Computer script editing.” 


Mike Powers turns over his THE CARD CORNER column this month to Paul Lelekis, who brings us “Make the cards match.” You’ll want to read the SIMPLE DIVERSIONS column by Andrew Woo, who gives us “Live origami fish sold here.”  Michael Breggar pays tribute to the late Eugene Burger in his column AUTO-MAGIC, writing “Life’s Twisty Knots.”  In RING RESOURCES Dr. Lynn Miner gives us tips about how to assess and strengthen your Ring.  


HOCUS IN FOCUS includes reviews of ten highly recommended tricks, DVDs and books -- just in time for Christmas gift buying. The BROKEN WAND pays tribute to fifteen magicians who have died. 


RING EVENTS this month come from Ring 185 (Honolulu, Hawaii), Ring 211 (Grand Rapids, Michigan), and Ring 257 (Las Vegas, Nevada). There are sixty-five RING REPORTS. Be sure to read through all of these to get ideas for your Ring.     




Advertisements in The Linking Ring offer valuable information, as well as help pay the cost of the publication. So we ask that you not only stop and read each one, but that you also click on their Websites and take a look around. If and when you contact an advertiser, please say you saw their ad in The Linking Ring.


Here are the advertisers in the November issue, from front to back:  (The “Tresor” Project)

“Kidshow Magic Kompendium,” new book by David Ginn,

Holiday I.B.M. Regalia Sale

2018 I.B.M. Convention, July 4-7, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Health Insurance,

Chavez Studio of Magic, Dale Salwak

Murphy’s Magic Supplies,

“Teaching Magic, book by Eugene Burger,

“Breaking Our Magic Wands,” book by Robert Neale,

La Rock’s Fun & Magic Outlet,

D. Robbins & Co. and E-Z Magic,

Ring 71 (Congratulations to member Bill Pryor for being on Linking Ring cover) (Now that’s funny)

International Magic Auction, auctions & sales,

Mogar Knives, (watches and clocks)

Custom Magic Kits,, Online Magician’s Directory

Show-biz Services,

The Magic Bakery, (Steve Dobson’s “Works”)

The Linking Ring, advertising rates and specifications

Custom tables made by Simply Magic.

Maxello Magic.

Iowa Magic Shop,

Daytona Magic,

Magic & Costumes,


Liability insurance, HMK Insurance,

The LInking Ring -- advertising in

MAGIC LIVE 2018. Registration begins.



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