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04 Oct

October Linking Ring Features Two Past Presidents

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

       In addition to the two biographical profiles of Dr. Mossey and Dr. Wells, there is continuing coverage of the I.B.M. Jacksonville, Florida convention. Becki and Bill Wells review the Lance Burton Teen Seminar, which was conducted immediately before the convention began on Tuesday. There is also a report on the Annual Business Meeting; 

  By now you probably have heard about what Lance Burton has been up to since he retired in 2010. He has been producing, writing, and directing a movie, “Billy Topit, Master Magician.” The world premiere of the movie was September 24th in Las Vegas, and Bill Wells gives us a first-hand review of the premiere and the movie.


Terry Evanswood, veteran magician in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, tells a fascinating story about “A little journey to the grave of Maro the Great” (Walter Truman Best). He took a personal interest in Maro’s career, and especially in the three-and-a-half ton boulder on Maro’s grave in St. Charles, Illinois. This tale of commitment is well worth a read.


   Our regular columnists bring you “Marketing Magic,” by Kent Cummins (“A dozen magic steps to marketing”);  “Polishing the Rings,” by Skip Way (“Links and Rings”); “The London Eyes,” by Peter Scarlett (who questions why a Brit won America’s Got Talent); “The Therapy of Magic” by Scott Hood (“Magic helps physical therapy”); and “Cutting Up Jackpots” by Bev Bergeron (“Jack Pyle, one of the top unknown magicians”). 


“Ring Events” reports came in this month from Ring 5 (Dayton, Ohio), and Ring 150 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida). The Georgia Magic Club (Ring 9 in Atlanta, Georgia) has been named an I.B.M. Honor Ring, and is profiled to tell us why it has been so honored. An updated list of all I.B.M. Ring locations is included in this issue; and there are fifty-seven “Ring Reports.” (Don’t just pass over these. There is a lot of information and a ton of good ideas for your Ring to consider. 


Regarding tricks: The monthly Parade came from Ring 41, in honor of its recent namesake, Dr. Richard Mossey. There are eleven effects submitted by Ring 41 members. Other trick columns include: “The Card Corner,” by Mike Powers (who presents “Transiversary” by Keith Randolph; “Numismagic” by Jean-Emmanuel Franzis, who turns the column over to Bill Wells and Malcolm Campbell’s “Rip it Up;” “Simple Diversions” by Andrew Woo (“52-on-1 to Go”); “The Expert at the Tech Table” by Jeff Prace, who gives us “Treasurer,” created by Chris Beason;  “Situationally Yours” by Chris Beason (“Disintegration”); and “Auto-magic” by Michael Breggar (“Without you, they’re just tricks”).


In this month’s “Hocus in Focus,” experts bring us eleven reviews of new magic books, DVDs and tricks. There are eleven obituaries in this month’s “Broken Wand.”


And don’t forget all the neat advertisements in this issue. They are very important to the success of our monthly magazine. Please go to the Website of each one, and if you buy something, please say you saw their ad in The Linking Ring.


Happy reading.

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