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28 Oct

November Linking Ring Asks "Why Be a Magician?"

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 Now that’s the right attitude! Cover subject Steve Marshall sees magic everywhere and tries to bring that attitude to whoever he meets and wherever he goes. You’ll be inspired by his life and attitude. He also brings us a “One-man Parade,” with five effects, plus bonus material: “Miscellaneous Ideas,” and “Thoughts on the Performance and Creation of Magical Experiences.” 


Editor Sammy Smith devotes his column to “The Apple Effect” and related concepts. International President Oscar Munoz reviews his visit to The Workshop, as well as urges all I.B.M. members to get to know their TVPs, (Territorial Vice Presidents) and offer to help them promote Rings and magic.


Of course the biggest event of 2017 will be the I.B.M.-S.A.M. Combined Convention in Louisville in July. Likely there will be convention news in every Linking Ring from now until then. The news this issue is that Lance Burton will offer a Red Carpet treatment for the showing of his “ Billy Topit, Master Magician” motion picture.


When I saw the first blog by Paul Gertner talking about his experiences and behind-the-scenes adventures in fooling Penn & Teller earlier this year, I knew I had to get reprint rights for The Linking Ring. So I asked Paul and he was honored to be asked. So we patiently waited until he wrote parts two and three and have combined all of them into a single fascinating and rare look at how Paul fooled Penn & Teller. (And pay special attention to the number of times Paul practices a new trick before performing it in public!) Thanks, Paul, for the permission.


One of the magical names in magic is Chavez. Add to it another magical name of Salwak, and you get the story of how the Chavez Studio of Magic is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary. Robert Gibson brings us this story, as well as over a dozen historic photos from the Chavez archives.


A giant in the world of magic died October 3 -- Paul Osborne. There was no question that The Linking Ring would publish an "In Memoriam" in his honor. In my search for information about him, I came across a blog by Jay Johnson, a good friend of Paul’s. Come to find out, Jay and Paul met and became friends early in both of their careers. Jay is a ventriloquist, best known for his work in the television series, "Soap".The blog was so touching and personal, I asked Jay for permission to reprint it as our "In Memoriam". He graciously agreed, so we have reprinted it, along with several photos of Paul from an article in D Magazine, exactly four years ago, in October 2012.


Incidentally, another magic giant also died October 3, Paul Fried, head of the D. Robbins Company (a regular advertiser in The Linking Ring). His obituary is in the November issue of The Linking Ring, and an "In Memoriam" to him will be in the December issue.


The I.B.M. Annual Convention in July in San Antonio, was so big that follow-up coverage of it has been spread over several issues of The Linking Ring. The November issue concludes that coverage with articles and photos of the Grande Banquet, the Triple Treat sessions, and a photo montage from Michael Messing, our official photographer (Autograph Session, Farewell Party, Dealers, etc.).


“A Las Vegas magician’s desire to keep up with magic friends has evolved into a wildly-popular weekly event.” That’s the lead on a story behind the event. Read all about “The Las Vegas Magic Luncheon” celebration of its first anniversary.


The big news out of this years fifty-eighth annual convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians was the announcement that the convention was moving back to the Upper Midwest after four years in Nashville, Tennessee. The June 19-23, 2017 convention will be at the Caribbean Cove Hotel and Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. A complete report on this year’s convention follows the big “Breaking News.”


The terrific columnists for The Linking Ring came through again this month, and their columns will keep you enthralled for several hours. Here they are, in the order as they appear. Kent Cummins calls  his MARKETING MAGIC column this month “Pricing,” and gives some tips on what you should charge for your magic show. Bev Bergeron devotes his CUTTING UP JACKPOTS column “The First Multiplying Bottles,” which is self-explanatory. Skip Way continues the POLISHING THE RINGS column with “Success Through Failure,” about learning from mistakes. Scott Hood continues his advice on THE THERAPY OF MAGIC, with “Therapeutic Magic.” 


Mike Powers turns his THE CARD CORNER over to Ed Haas this month, who brings us “The World’s Greatest Ultra Mental Deck Routine (with a question mark). Andrew Wood devotes his SIMPLE DIVERSIONS column to give us advice about “Timepiece Pilfer.” Michael Breggar reflects on “Mirror of the Mind,” in his column AUTO-MAGIC, before bringing us his version, “My Birthday Card.”


HOCUS IN FOCUS in November brings us a lucky thirteen reviews of magic books, tricks and DVDs. The Broken Wand pays respects to twenty magicians for their contributions to our profession over many years. And there are reports from sixty-three I.B.M. Rings from all over the world.  




Chavez Studio of Magic:

D.Robbins & Co., Inc.:

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General Grant Magic Products: www.ggmagic2AOL.COM

Genii: The Conjuror’s Magazine:

IBM Insurance:

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So there you have it -- ONE-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-TWO pages of terrific magic material to keep you busy for a while.  Happy reading.

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