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19 Jul

New I.B.M. President Announces New Contest

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Here's a new fun contest. I.B.M. President Shawn Farquhar will award one I.B.M. member a "box full of magic" valued at over $200 (he says "usd" since he is from Canada). All you need to do is show that you promoted the International Brotherhood of Magicians the most in the next fifty days.

How do you do that? Work the I.B.M. into every news release, news conference, interview, flyer, show introduction, announcement, etc., as well as on your Web page, on your Facebook page, and in all your social media communications.

Save all your "proof," and submit it with an email to by September 3, 2014. Keep all your press clippings, TV clips and social media announcements. For every column inch of printed press mentioning the I.B.M. you will get three points; every minute of air time that discusses the I.B.M. will get you three points; and for every social media item (created by another source ie.: retweet, post, etc.) you get one point.

The I.B.M. member with the most points on September 3rd will be the winner. Well, actually we will all be winners because we belong to the I.B.M., but that one person will get the "box full of magic."

Game on!

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