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22 Mar

March Linking Ring features Atlanta Magician Kyle Jarrard

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The cover story of the March 2018 issue of The Linking Ring, the monthly publication of the world’s largest magic membership organization -- the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the I.B.M. -- is on Kyle Jarrard, from Atlanta, Georgia. Once featured in The Linking Ring as a “Rising Star,” (2005), this is an update about how he has developed into an in-demand professional edutainer. As a double bonus, he (1) shares seven tips for magicians he has learned from his short but successful career, and (2) writes a mini-HOCUS POCUS PARADE, bringing us four of his original effects.


In their monthly columns, Editor Sammy Smith talks about the many faces of “appreciation,” and why we should express it more often; and I.B.M. International President Bob Patterson summarizes his convention visits, the I.B.M. Mid-year Meeting, and why you should attend the I.B.M. Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan in July.


Randy Vanderwal gives the rest of us a preview of what we can look forward to in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the site of the I.B.M. Annual Convention, July 4-7, 2018. Many I.B.M. members treat the annual convention as their family vacation. Read about why YOU and your family need to be in Grand Rapids for the 4th of July celebration. 


Other FEATURE stories in the March issue include: a report on the Mid-year I.B.M. Board meeting (including the announcement of giving a Lifetime Achievement Award to Criss Angel); a tribute to Charles Windley -- who died December 16, 2017 -- by Robert Baxt; “Magic in his Lifetime,” by David Meyer, about writing and publishing magic books; “When the Magic Becomes Real,” by Kyle Peron; a first-hand review of the last “The Workshop: 2017” by Stu Lewis; followed by “The Workshop: The History,” by David Sandy, the creator of the event; and minutes of the Board of Trustees Midyear Meeting. 


RING EVENTS this month came from just one Ring -- Ring 185 (Honolulu, Hawaii). It is a first-person report of a journey by Ring member Kelvin Chun to Nepal’s Mount Everest Base Camp, including spreading the joy of magic along the way.


COLUMNS in March include Bev Bergeron’s CUTTING UP JACKPOTS (“School Shows of Old, Part Two”); Carlos Adriano’s CONNECTING WITH KIDS (“The Ideal Kids’ Magician”); Scott Humston’s 2-MINUTE TIPS ( “Introductions”); Skip Way’s POLISHING THE RINGS (“Keep the Wonder”);  Scott Hood’s THE THERAPY OF MAGIC (“Here’s to all volunteers....”); Kent Cummins’ MARKETING MAGIC (“Picture This: Artwork for Magicians”); Dr. Lynn Miner’s MAGIC WORDS MATTER (“Clip File Themes, Verbs, and Phrases.”); Craig Beytien’s PETITE MAGIA (“Building Plans for the Table-Top Wizard”); Mike Powers’ THE CARD CORNER (“Predication,” by Michael Kaminskas); Andrew Woo’s SIMPLE DIVERSIONS (“Tempting Fortune”); Michael Breggar’s AUTO-MAGIC (“The Thing...”); and Dr. Lynn Miner’s RING RESOURCES (“Fiscal Resources -- Expense Considerations”).


Kevin Casaretto, from Australia, brings us a ONE-MAN PARADE, with a whopping fifteen effects. the HOCUS IN FOCUS includes reviews of nine new magic books, DVDs and tricks. The BROKEN WAND pays tribute to ten magicians who have died. And fifty-nine Rings sent in RING REPORTS.  


ADVERTISERS are important both to the I.B.M. and to readers. Please visit the Websites of as many as you can, and tell them you saw their ad in The Linking Ring. Advertisers in the March issue are, in order of publication:


IBM. “The Greatest Magic Convention in 2018,” July 4-7, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Linking Ring: Advertising Rates and Specifications Year-round health insurance

Maxwell Blade’s Theater of Magic: New show, New Music, New theatre

La Rock’s Fun & Magic Outlet: Balloons. “Feel the Power”

HMK Insurance:  Liability insurance:

D.Robbins & Co., Wholesale to magic stores, dealers, etc.

Magi-Whirl, May 4&5, 2018,

International Magic Auction “Now that’s funny.”” show-biz Services

Mogar Knives.

Harvest of Magic, September 27-29, Atlanta

IBM Contests

Cavalcade of Magic, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

TrickShop.comDaytona (magic & costumes)

The Magic Rope Company

Maxello Magic

The Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show, April 22, 2018.








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