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02 Mar

March Linking Ring Features Alain Iannone

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 The featured magician in March is Alain Iannone from Europe. In addition to the six-page spread of facts and photo, Alain brings us a special ONE-MAN PARADE, featuring seven of his special effects.


Editor Sammy Smith kicks off the March issue by telling us about the power of books and reading. And President Oscar Munoz turns his column over to his wife, Melody, who tells us how she has survived being a magician’s widow.


“The Rosenkranz Mysteries,” is about a new magic production at the Royal George Theater in Chicago, a one-man show by Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz. Author Simone Marron leads us through the development of the three-month production, gives us a review of it, and makes us want to experience the show when and if it is ever revived. Dr. Reza Saberi gives us a history lesson in his article, “The oldest magic book in the world.” Prepare to be surprised.


In “Dinner with Houdini,” Bertil Fredstrom reports how the University of Texas at Austin, commemorated the ninetieth anniversary of the death of Harry Houdini by holding a series of events in his honor over five weeks, beginning last October 1. One of the events was a cooking class featuring some of Houdini’s favorite dishes. Bertil describes the class, and includes the recipe of his favorite, Hungarian Goulash.  


RING EVENTS this month come from Ring 55 (Phoenix, Arizona), Ring 185 (Honolulu, Hawaii), Ring 211 (Grand Rapids, Michigan), and Ring 258 (Leesburg, Florida). There are nine new magic books, tricks and DVDs reviewed in this month’s Hocus in Focus section. And there are eighteen obituaries in the Broken Wand. Annually The Linking Ring publishes a complete Index of everything which appeared in it during the previous year. This issue, seventeen pages are devoted to this index of 2016. There are fifty-eight RING REPORTS this month.


COLUMNS in The Linking Ring continue to bring us works of interest and inspiration. Kent Cummins tells us about “The Magic of Testimonials,” in his MARKETING MAGIC. POLISHING THE RINGS is about “Hitting the Streets,” from Skip Way. Bev Bergeron brings us “AIDA -- The Magic Word” in his CUTTING UP JACKPOTS.


Mike Powers devotes his column, THE CARD CORNER, to “Royal Monte,” and gives an explanation of how he got there. In SIMPLE DIVERSIONS, Andrew Woo bring us “Cello-Coins Production.” And Michael Breggar devotes his AUTO-MAGIC column to “Mixed Emojis.”


One of the most popular aspects of The Linking Ring is all the advertising from sponsors. We list them here both to THANK them for their continued support, but also to emphasize their importance in the world of magic. Please go to their Websites and take a look around. And THANK them for helping make The Linking Ring available. Here are this month’s ads, in order of appearance.


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