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03 Sep

KIDabra Founder on September Linking Ring Cover

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The Linking Ring opens each issue with columns by its editor and the International President. Sammy Smith tells us how to bring a dead fly back to life (sorta); and Bob Patterson summarizes some of his recent travels, and urges all members to regularly promote the I.B.M.

Known to other magicians as the brains behind KIDabra, North Carolina magician Mark Daniel is equally known by other children’s magicians as the one who made performing for children respectable. Read how he discovered his life’s calling, and how it developed into KIDabra. There are fifteen great photos, too, in addition to the one on the cover.


When Celeste Evans -- one of the best female magicians of all time -- died July 25, The Linking Ring editors knew they would publish a memorial tribute to her. Then when world-class magician Eugene Burger died August 8 -- just fourteen days later -- another tribute developed. Both appear in this issue, with many historic photos. These underscore one of the things The Linking Ring does best -- salute and preserve magic history.


Other features in the September issue of The Linking Ring include one on the Milbourne Christopher Awards; continued coverage of the I.B.M.-S.A.M. Combined Convention (fifty-four photos over eleven pages); and RING EVENTS from Ring 50 (Washington, D.C.), and Ring 74 (Syracuse, N.Y.).


A last-day addition to the September issue was a half-page request for contributions to the MAGICIANS SUPPORT FUND to raise money for magicians who have special needs because of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, as well as all along the Gulf Coast. Past International President Michael Stratman continues to serve as chairman of the independent group of “magicians helping magicians.”


COLUMNS this month include Bev Bergeron (CUTTING UP JACKPOTS), with “Who invented the Brak-A-Wa Wand and other jewels?;” MARKETING MAGIC by Kent Cummins, (“Think BIG!”); Scott Hood (THE THERAPY OF MAGIC) teaches Linking Paperclips as therapy; Skip Way brings us “Meeting Maslow” in POLISHING THE RINGS; Dr. Lynn Miner continues his MAGIC WORDS MATTER with “Scripting: A Four-Step Template;” Mike Powers passes on “The Willis Kenney Deceptive Control” in his column THE CARD CORNER; in his column SIMPLE DIVERSIONS, Andrew Woo teaches how to always win a flipped coin (“Heads-od-Tails?”); in AUTO-MAGIC, Michael Breggar brings “Two Part, Part Two,” about the “Spot Change” effect; and in RING RESOURCES Dr. Lynn Miner gives a number of tips on how to get more out of your I.B.M. membership.


HOCUS IN FOCUS reviews twelve new books, tricks and DVDs for your benefit. The BROKEN WAND pays tribute to eleven magicians who have died, including Eugene Burger. And there are sixty RING REPORTS to go through to find some good ideas for your Ring. The list of new I.B.M. applications and reinstatements should be celebrated as we welcome new members. 


One of the major reasons why The Linking Ring is so much fun to read is those shorter features, some regular, some occasional. Included in this issue are PICTURES FROM THE PAST; a photo of people who contribute to The Linking Ring who were at the Combined Convention; the YOUTH TRIVIA CONTEST, by Don Greenberg; RING LOCATIONS; and the SICK AND CONVALESCENT list -- people to keep in your thoughts and prayers. The HOCUS POCUS PARADE this month was compiled by Skip Way, and features many KIDabra stars. Included are thirteen tricks and tips from as many magicians. 


ADVERTISERS are a major reason why The Linking Ring is so successful. Please go to their each of their Websites and look around. And tell them you saw their ad in The Linking Ring. Here are all the advertisers in the September 2017 issue, from front to back:


IBM 2018 Convention, July 4-7, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Harry Lorayne’s new book: “Jaw Droppers Two.”

The Magic Bakery: Feel the Power: Steve Dobson’s “Works” (health insurance) “Sevenpads”

The Workshop: November 8-11, 2017, St. Joseph, Missouri

Murphy’s Magic Supplies:

LaRock’s Fun & Magic Outlet:

HMK Insurance: liability insurance:

D.Robbins & Co, and E-Z Magic: The Green Machine, magic puppets, magic drawing board

Mogar Knives: auctions & sales “Now that’s funny! prediction watches, rare estate magic online magician’s directory

The Linking Ring advertising rates and specs Summer Clearance

The Linking Ring (Double the fear factor...)


There you have it. One hundred and sixty-four pages of solid magic. Enjoy.

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