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10 Jan

IBM President Offers New Contest: Deadline February 21st, 2015

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

TO: International Brotherhood of Magicians members

I love contests... no really. So here's one that I think will be lots of fun. I'll award the winner over $250 worth of awesome magic and a "Keep Calm and Perform Magic" t-shirt.

So how do you win? Post a video of you doing a magic effect on YouTube, and then share it with us on the IBM FaceBook page. Oh, the trick has to have been published as an effect that is taught in The Linking Ring. You also have to include in the video the following:

1) Mention you're an IBM member (yes this is only for IBM members).
2) Mention which Volume and Issue it appears in The Linking Ring.
3) Don't explain the effect in the video.

*we will accept videos entered before February 21, 2015. Then we will have a voting process to find our winner.

Game on...

-Shawn Farquhar
International President of the I.B.M.

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