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09 Dec

I.B.M. President Farquhar offers Christmas Gift

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Just in time for the holidays -- a gift FOR you, which also will be a gift FROM you. I.B.M. President Shawn Farquhar's good friend Paul Green is facing some health challenges and Shawn wants to help raise some needed funds for him. This is his proposition, in his own words:

"Have you ever wanted to learn how to do the Classic Force? In my humble opinion, it is without a doubt the number one technique for a magician wanting to use cards. That's a pretty big statement, but I have used the Classic Force to accomplish many of my most famous effects. Now YOU can learn how I do it too."

"We are offering you a digital download video that was shot at Chateau Farquhar with iPhones. No, this is not a high quality video production. However, the tips and instructions on how to do the Classic Force ARE high quality and will help you to learn Shawn Farquhar's version of this amazing technique. If you have ever seen Shawn perform, the chances are you saw him Classic Force a card."

"This project was created because so many people asked Shawn for advice on the handling of the Classic Force. Shawn felt that most of the information he shared was given to him by mentors such as Tony Eng and John Gilliland and he hid not want to charge for something given to him freely."

So why are we charging you anything? Well a wonderful magician and friend, Paul Green is facing some health challenges and Shawn felt this would be a great way to raise some needed funds. If you know Paul Green, you know he is a master of the Classic Force and even has his own DVD. We recommend you purchase this too, as it approaches the technique in a different way. All funds raised by this project will go directly to Paul Green.

Please tell your magician friends about this opportunity to gain valuable information on this amazing technique for a fraction of the cost of what it's worth.

This offer will be available until January 31, 2015

Happy Holidays



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