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02 Apr

Human Deck of Cards Featured in April Linking Ring

Category: Media Magic   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The cover story of the April issue of The Linking Ring features The Human Deck of Cards, Canada’s Huot and Lacroix (read the article to find out how to pronounce their names). Robin Dawes, also from Canada, interviews the two magicians, who perform individually as well as together.

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In their monthly columns, Editor Sammy Smith talks about the fascination with and birthday of Houdini; and President Joe Turner brings us up to date on his travels on behalf of the I.B.M.


There is an announcement that Dr. Steven Schlanger has taken over as Ring Reports Editor, following the ten-year tenure of T.J. Shimeld. He takes on the all-important responsibility of editing and bringing to us reports of actions of the I.B.M.’s biggest strengths -- its Rings.


Simone Marron brings us a personal experience review of the Blackpool Magic Festival in February. Guinness World Records says it is the largest magic convention in the world (3,850 people); not your every day intimate convention. The commentary and photos will make you feel like you were there.


As is a tradition of The Linking Ring, featured is an IN MEMORIAM to the best-known magician in the United Kingdom, Paul Daniels. Four of his closest friends -- Ian Adair, Trevor Lewis, Paul Ray, and Vanni Pule’ -- share some of their memories of Paul and his wife, Debbie.


COLUMNISTS in The Linking Ring are among the best in the business. This month, Kent Cummins devotes his MARKETING MAGIC column to “Magic Marketing Materials,” (business cards, fliers, brochures, etc.). Bev Bergeron’s column, CUTTING UP JACKPOTS, is entitled “Bill Siros and His Bonnie and Clyde Car.”  Scott Hood tells some first-hand experiences in being prepared, in his column, THE THERAPY OF MAGIC. Skip Way’s POLISHING THE RINGS column says “Come on down,” using the creativity of game shows for ideas. Mike Powers turns over his THE CARD CORNER column to Ed Oschmann, who gives us “Yours Truly.” 


NUMISMAGIC is the column written by Jean-Emmanuel Franzis, and this month he calls it “Standing Wild Coins.” Andrew Woo’s SIMPLE DIVERSIONS is called “Light and Heavy Coin,” and Jeff Prace’s column, THE EXPERT AT THE TECH TABLE, is written by Mathieu Bich and is called “iVolume.”  Chris Beason calls his SITUATIONALLY YOURS column “Espresso” this month. And AUTO-MAGIC by Michael M. Breggar has the title “Counting on the 10-20” force.


RING EVENTS give more details and photos of recent activities than RING REPORTS. Ring Events this month are given for Ring 45 (Miami, Florida), Ring 86, Ring 129 (Kansas City, Missouri), Ring 150 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), Ring 185 (Honolulu, Hawaii), Ring 202 (Malta), and a unique speaker phone lecture by The Phone Magician to Ring 259 (Lincoln, Nebraska).


This month’s PARADE is a 4F CANADIAN GALA PARADE, from participants in the 4F Convention in Batavia, New York. It was compiled by Joan Caesar and edited by Malcolm Campbell. It includes ten effects (including two versions of one of them).


HOCUS IN FOCUS brings us reviews for a dozen new magic books, DVDs and tricks. And there are obituaries for twelve magicians in the BROKEN WAND, including celebrity magician Paul Daniels. We also have a special IN MEMORIAM to Paul Daniels, which includes personal memories from four of his friends and several classic photos. This issue also includes a complete INDEX of Volume 95 (2015). And there are RING REPORTS for seventy-three rings in this issue.


Finally, the are other standard features in the April issue, including PICTURES FROM THE PAST, APPLICATIONS AND REINSTATEMENTS, and the popular YOUTH TRIVIA CONTEST. 


Put all these together and you have one hundred and seventy-two pages of SOLID MAGIC -- one of the best reasons why the International Brotherhood of Magicians is the largest organization of the magical arts in the world!










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