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23 Apr

Free magic e-book from Joshua Jay

Category: Resources   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

A Note from Joshua Jay:

What if I told you that we have released a book with contributions from Derren Brown, Teller, and Juan Tamariz? How about if the book also included contributions from John Carney, Darwin Ortiz, Tommy Wonder, Pit Hartling, Rene Lavand, Tom Stone, and nearly thirty other magic luminaries?

And what if I told you that this collection was entirely free?

I have spent the last three years working on Magic in Mind, which is my gift to all magicians, young and old, who care deeply about magic. I set out to assemble some of the most important, influential, and helpful essays on magic ever written, and make them available to all serious students of magic for free. Coming in at over 500 pages, Magic in Mind is finally ready.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of nearly thirty of my heroes, who kindly consented for me to publish or republish their words. Some essays the serious student will be familiar with, from Houdin to Fitzkee to Maven. Others are more arcane, but no less important. For example, I was able to get permission from the Tommy Wonder estate, and to have Juan Tamariz’s blessing to publish his essay on “illusionism” for the first time in English. I feel very lucky to have worked on this project, and I hope that magicians who read Magic in Mind will find the material as inspiring as I do.

One small favor, if you please. In the sharing spirit this book is offered, please help me spread the word. If you know a young (or old) magician who would benefit from this collection, please send them to us so they can download it as well. Your tweets and comments will enable Magic in Mind to do what it is intended to do: improve the quality of magic in our industry.


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