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13 Jan

FREE Convention Registrations for Junior I.B.M. Members **BREAKING NEWS**

Category: Convention   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON

The I.B.M. is excited to announce that under the leadership of our youngest elected President, Alex Zander, the convention committee of Pittsburgh 2020 has decided to allow I.B.M. Youth members the opportunity to register for our annual convention for the low cost of NOTHING!

Yes, you read that correctly. All youth members in good standing will be able to register for FREE. That means you'll be able to attend the convention, participate in events, lectures, contests and see all the shows for absolutely no cost to you.

There are a few stipulations to this amazing deal though.

As a youth member, you must be accompanied to the convention by a parent or legal guardian and as such they must be registered for the convention. The good news is the cost for registration for a non-magician parent is considerably less than the cost a magician would have to pay.

As a free registrant to the convention, we will be calling on you occasionally to help us with such things as backstage helpers, set-up crews, line up maintenance and even assisting some of our magical stars.

We do have a limited number of these FREE registrations available so you need to act quickly to ensure your spot at what is certain to be one of the most epic magic events ever.

2019 Lance Burton Teen Seminar Group Photo

Yes, you can also attend the Lance Burton Teen Seminar for free as well. To find out more about the qualifications necessary for this amazing life-changing event, visit this link:


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