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14 Jun

Fred Karis Booked for 2015 I.B.M.Convention

Category: Convention   Posted by: SIMONE MARRON


Fred Karis is a showman, magician-illusionist, comedian and actor, television director; theater producer and radio host. He has developed his career in all different settings and countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, England, and in the USA.

His magic has taken him to different countries and cities around the world. He has given lectures and conferences and also participated for many years on "LA NOCHE DEL SABADO” (“SATURDAY NIGHT") and “LA NOCHE DEL DOMINGO” (“SUNDAY NIGHT") television shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his catchphrase “MUY BIEN!” (“SOOO GOOOO”!!!) has given him a recognized popularity

He has been nominated and awarded in different countries, and is the recipient of many, including “Best Artistic Performer”, and “Best Variety Performer” awards in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.


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