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29 Feb

Five Magicians Honored in February Broken Wand

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Recently the I.B.M. Headquarters read in the Ring 25 magazine that Claudine Boyer-Chandler, 80, of England died October 7, 2015. Known as “The Magical Claudine,” she was the daughter of magician Claude Chandler and his wife, Jean, a dancer, so was brought up in a performing household. She started performing at age six and became a professional dancer in her teens as well as a circus performer and animal trainer. She toured the United Kingdom with animals in her magical act, appearing in music halls and ice shows, among other venues. During her career she also appeared in film and on radio and television. She married pianist and singer Chester Harriett and supported his career behind the scenes. The magazine said her last big production was her daughter Donna in 1975. Later Claudine started a new career in textile art. “Her legacy lives on through her granddaughter, Ashia, a performing art/textile design student, and her grandson Bailey, a close-up magician.”




Recently the I.B.M. Headquarters was notified that Paul Tannahill Bradshaw, 71, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, died April 26, 2015. His I.B.M. membership number was 44173, and he had been a member since 1989. He was a member of the Order of Merlin (twenty-five years a continuous member), and Ring 116 (Windsor). He was the recipient of a lung transplant and was an advocate for organ donations. He was known to many as Mr. Magic. He also was an avid golfer. He owned and operated Bradshaw’s Ice Cream Delights in Windsor, and was former owner of Versatile Machine Tool.  He also was an instructor at St. Clair College. Survivors at the time of his death included his wife of forty-five years, Peggy Ann; children Lindsay Bradshaw, Kristin Bradshaw, and Bob Hodge; three grandchildren; and brothers Blair (Gail) and Peter (Linda). Memorial contributions may be made to Life After Forty, or the Trillium Foundation (




Recently the I.B.M. headquarters read in the Ring 25 magazine that J. Olive Fletcher, 89, of Glasgow, Scotland had died. Her I.B.M. member number was 52663 and she had been a member since 1995. She was the widow of Duncan, a Past President of the British Ring, and was an avid supporter of the Ring and all its activities. The notice in the magazine said, “She was British Ring through-and-through and was always there to help when and where needed. Her energy and enthusiasm for life and for the world of magic was maintained to the end. Our condolences to Moira, Rena and families.”




David Benjamin Saunders, 80, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, died November 22, 2015. He was a former member of the I.B.M. (1968-85). He performed throughout the Ottawa area as “The Wizard of Ott,” drawing big crowds to shopping malls, libraries and other public venues. Dressed in formal attire, he looked like a magician, performing his illusions with doves and rabbits. He put his own mark on classic illusions. For instance he called his Metaporphosis illusion “The Impossible Dream.” In later years, as his performing schedule diminished, he founded the Sorcerer’s Theater of Magic, and also taught at the Terry Fox Centre. Among survivors are his wife, Norma, daughter Beth (Ray) Logan; and grandson Dustin. 




Jose Reynerio Valdivia, known as Mago Piter, 81, of Last Tunas, Cuba, died recently from cancer, according to Maria Ibanez. He was well-known throughout Cuba, and was recognized as the Dean of Magic in Cuba. In addition to performing, he founded the School of Magic which graduated many magicians over the years. He also created Anfora, the Magic Festival as well as the company, Magic Hurricane of the Western Balcony of Cuba. He dedicated over sixty years to the art of magic, and is credited with keeping performing arts alive throughout the country. Among many recognitions and awards, he was named “Illustrious Son of the City,” received a recognition by the National Culture Department, and was given an Award of Merit from the Magic Castle. 

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