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30 Jan

February Linking Ring Explains New Member Benefit

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 The February issue of The Linking Ring is another winner, packed with magic news and features. The cover story features Florida magician Giovanni Livera, billed as a Wonder Maker. He is a magic triple threat, as a performer, speaker, and creator. Read all about his colorful life and career.

The big news -- continuing in this issue -- is a new, major I.B.M. member benefit. Thanks to the generosity of the I.B.M. Endowment and Development Fund, I.B.M. members now have free access to Ask Alexander, the database of the Conjuring Arts Center. That means you can view all past issues of The Linking Ring, and many other past magic publications, from The Jinx and The Sphinx, to Johnson-Smith Catalogs and past I.B.M. convention programs. Just think of all that magic history just waiting for you.    


Other major features in the issue include a report of Alan Watson’s royal honor by Queen Elizabeth; the naming of Ring 244 (Long Island) as an Honor Ring; a report on another I.B.M. member benefit -- the new JAMs (Just About Magic), and articles about the fifty-year commitment to the I.B.M. by member Roy Barnes; and the newest magic show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee -- Darren Romeo’s “Magic Beyond Belief.”       


In the Ring Events section this month, reports and photos tell us about happenings in Ring 2 (Youngstown, Ohio); Ring 43 (Evanston, Illinois); Ring 74 (Syracuse, New York);  Ring 115 (Singapore); Ring 211 (Grand Rapids, Michigan); Ring 257 (Las Vegas); and Ring 291 (Palm Desert, California). In addition, of course, are the monthly Ring Reports from rings which submitted them. This month there are seventy such reports. Don’t just skip over any of these. They are packed with all sorts of ideas for YOUR ring to consider.


You may look forward to the columns by regular columnists Skip Way (Polishing the Rings -- “Fishing with Facebook”); Peter Scarlett (The London Eyes);  Bev Bergeron (Cutting Up Jackpots -- “The Great Lester, The Magic One”); as well as editor Sammy Smith, and I.B.M. President Shawn Farquhar.


A special feature of the February issue is the COMPLETE INDEX of Volume 94 of The LInking Ring. It is a tremendous effort to put this together each year, and we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Roy V. Barnes for compiling it, with the assistance of Jack and Carole Greenberg, and Dr. Steven Schlanger. Since The Linking Ring is an on-going HISTORY OF MAGIC, this nineteen-page index each year greatly helps in any search. 


As for tricks in this issue, leading the way is Canadian Ron Bell’s One-Man Parade. This is his SIXTH One-Man Parade.  In this one he shares thirteen of his original ideas. Of course Tony Dunn’s wonderful illustrations are helpful in understanding each effect. Mike Powers turns over his column, The Card Corner, to Edward Marlo for “Ambitious Prologue.” Joe Turner’s Ways & Means column features “Pb” by fellow columnist Jeff Prace. Speaking of Jeff, his column -- The Expert at the Tech Table -- is called “Unplugged v2.” In Jean Emmanuel Franzis’ column Numismagic, we find “The Trapdoor” by Lawrens Godon. Andrew Woo’s column Simple Diversions is called “Bermuda Triagain” this month. Finally, long-time columnist Ed Solomon, who died January 4 of this year, gives us one more column, “Any penny will do the trick.”


The Hocus in Focus this month brings us reviews about thirteen effects, DVDs and other recent magic products for your consideration. And the Broken Wand pays tribute to ten people in magic who died recently, including long-time columnist for The Liking Ring, Ed Solomon.


And don’t forget the twenty ADVERTISERS who advertise in the February issue. Please buy from these fine folks, and say you saw their ad in The Linking Ring. Income from these advertisers helps to pay for some of the costs of producing the magazine.

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