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18 Jul

DAY 5 -- IBM Jacksonville Convention 2015

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 Saturday began with the Order of Merlin Breakfast. This is the event which honors all those who have been a continuous member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for twenty-five years (Order of Merlin) or longer. At thirty-five years it’s Merlin Shield; at fifty it is Merlin Excalibur; and at sixty years it is Merlin Excelsior. Today previous inductees gathered to welcome and honor new members. Tom Mullica was the guest speaker. His topic was “The Power of Naïveté’.” Photos and names of new inductees will in given in The Linking Ring.


Following the breakfast, the third and last session of The Big Three

Event was held. After lunch, another I.B.M. popular -- but frustrating -- event was held: the famous Six Pack. Six sessions were held simultaneously (say that quick six times!). Then they were repeated an hour later. Of course it was frustrating to only be able to go to TWO of the six sessions. (Some people suggestedadding a THIRD repeat instead of another lecture).


Anyway, the six sessions were: (1) Eric Buss “Magic and Creativity,” (2) Paul Cummins “FASDIU -- From A Shuffled Deck In Use,” (3) Ice McDonald “Drop the Mike Moment,” (4) Ted Outerbridge “ Inner workings of a touring illusion show,” (5) John Shryock “Magic, getting booked and fun,” and (6) Suzanne “Restaurant Magic -- Do’s and Don’t’s.” See how nerve-wracking it was to choose only two of these?


Bill Abbott gave the last lecture of the convention, and the dealers were open one last time, until 5:30.


At 7 pm, the Awards Presentation was held, announcing all the winners of the contests, followed by the Grande Finale Show, featuring Tom Mullica as the emcee, and performers David Kaplan, Ted & Marion Outerbridge, Ken Scott, Soma, and Boris Wild.  


At 10 pm there was one last chance to say goodbye to old and new friends at the traditional Farewell Party. Hugs and handshakes were the order of the night.


Watch coming issues of The Linking Ring for complete reviews and photo coverage. A deep bow and tip of ye ole top hat to anyone and everyone who had anything to do with making this annual convention a tremendous success. A specil THANK YOU to Co-chairmen Mike Stratman and Scott Wells -- and all their committee members -- and members of local I.B.M. Ring 130 in Jacksonville as the Host Ring. 


Come join us next July in San Antonio.  



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