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06 Jul

Day 4 Ends I.B.M. Convention on a High Note

Category: Convention   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

The 88th Annual Convention of the Brotherhood of Magicians ended on a high note Tuesday, July 5th, with a day full of quality events. Anyone who came for only one or two days missed out of the total-convention experience; those who came for all four days got more than their investment of time and money’s worth. 

Day Four began with the popular Merlin Breakfast, where the longevity of I.B.M. members is celebrated. Members with 25, 35, 50, 60, and even 70 years of continuous service, are recognized and awarded. A complete list of awardees will be given in a coming issue of The Linking Ring. 


After that. the third and last day of Triple Treats. As I have mentioned before, it was good that everyone had an opportunity to see all three one-man shows, with discussions and explanations. These have been a continuing feature for many years, and we encourage the convention committee to continue doing these teach-ins, whatever they are called.


The Linking Ring has some fantastic columnists most of whom are performing magicians. So it was a natural idea to have six of these columnists “come alive,” and perform at the convention. Five of the six used a “teach-in” approach, performing effects and them explaining and even teaching them. Only editor Sammy Smith broke the mold, using his session to explain some of the interesting history of The Linking Ring, including some unusual stories. Again, this is an excellent idea which should be repeated some time. (This “good news idea” had a “bad news” element though, in that the sessions were repeated only once, meaning we could only go to two of the six sessions. Perhaps three would be better.


Tonight was the best evening show of the convention -- and one of the best I have seen at four I.B.M. Conventions. Called “The Great Big Magic Show,” it was emceed by the hilarious Steve Bargatze (comedy and skits), and featured Joseph Gabriel (doves and marionettes), Thommy Ten and Amelie (second sight variations), Chris Randall (rings and cards), and Scott Pepper (big stage illusions).


An I.B.M. tradition is to have a Farewell Party after the final night’s show, in order for everyone who wants to to say goodbye, knowing everyone will be scattering the next morning. It is always a joy to see old and new friends, but it is sad to part, not knowing when you will see them again. But with other conventions and gatherings in the future, we all count on friend reunions.


A deep bow to convention co-chairmen Mike Stratman and Scott Wells and their Convention Committee, to all the vendors and dealers, to all the performers, to Melody Munoz and her contest committee, to all the volunteers who did lots of stuff we don’t even know about, to talent coordinator Shawn Farquhar, and to anyone who had anything to do with making the 88th I.B.M. Annual Convention a huge success. 


There is so much to say about the convention that coverage will be spread out over the next several issues of The Linking Ring. 




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