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16 Jul

Day 3 -- IBM Jacksonville Convention 2015

Category:   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Day Three of the I.B.M. annual convention began early, with a special youth event during which they got to meet many of the magician celebrities at the convention. At the same time, another special meeting was being held by the Territorial Vice Presidents (TVPs) and Ring representatives, at a Magic Summit. The gathering was facilitated by Vinny Grasso.


One of the clever solutions to dealing with the large number of attendees at I.B.M. conventions, is to break them into three smaller groups. Designated by colors -- Red, Blue and Green -- each group gets to participate in three separate sessions over two days. This morning was the first of what are called “The Big Three Event.” The Green Group got to watch ninety minutes of Close-up Magic from Michael Dardant, Paul Cummins, Dan Gaarrett, Chand Long, Suzanne, and Boris Wild.


Meanwhile, the Blue Group was watching the Two-Man Show by David & Leeman, finalists in the last America’s Got Talent competition. And the third group (Red) listened to a lecture by Dave Cox. The three groups will switch places twice tomorrow.


During I.B.M. Conventions, special spouse activities are always held. Today, First Lady Lori Farquhar led spouses in a special coffee, featuring talks by Kim Pomar from the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens; and Dean Saccaro, who talked on and demonstrated “Origami with Paper Money.”


The annual I.B.M. Business Meeting was led by President Shawn Farquhar late morning. A complete report of the meeting will be given in the August issue of The Linking Ring.


This afternoon featured Part Two of the Stage Contest, with another round of world-class magic. After the contestants were finished, Ken Scott lectured before the dinner break.


This evening’s stage show was called “The Shenanigan’s Show,” and featured Eric Buss, John & Mari Lynn Shryock, Ivan Pecel, and Greg Shibley. The scheduled day ended with a lecture by Tom Mullica, who has returned to magic after taking several years off to perform his tribute show to Red Skelton in Branson, Missouri and elsewhere. He now lives in Las Vegas and has returned to his magic roots.


I say “scheduled day” because magic goes on all day and all night, in every nook and corner -- in the lobby, in the hallways, in empty meeting rooms, in hospitality suites. Want to see some magic? Want to know how to make a certain move? Just turn around and ask whoever is standing there. That’s one of the major benefits of attending magic conventions. (Plan on coming next year.)

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