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13 Jul

Day 2 of I.B.M./S.A.M. Convention packed with magic

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With preliminary activities out of the way on Tuesday, the I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention took off at full speed on Wednesday, July 12. Of course associations must have meetings to operate, and both the I.B.M. (Board meeting) and the S.A.M. (Annual meeting) had them.

One of the most popular features of magic conventions are the so-called “lectures.” These range from product demonstrations to teaching magic moves and skills. There were four lectures on Wednesday -- by Bruce Kalver, Fielding West, Kent Cummins. and Jeki.


Equally popular events at major magic conventions are the contests. On Wednesday, the first round of the Stage Contest was held in front of a full house of magicians. The Close-up Contest will be held later. 


The Dealers Room -- what magic conventions call their Trade Show -- is a favorite gathering place at magic conventions. It is the place where magicians socialize, of course, but it is primarily an opportunity for them to see and buy the latest magic products from around the world. There are fewer and fewer brick-and-mortar magic stores, so most magicians count on the Dealer Room to see magic tricks, DVDs, books, props, and even electronic equipment, backdrops, and other materials for their shows. Many dealers also sell magic supplies for magicians to stock up on. There was a Dealer’s Show, too, during which dealers could show and tell what they had in their booths.


Of course the evening shows attract not only convention attendees, but also members of their families, as well as the local general public. The Wednesday show was called the “Stars of Magic Gala,” and featured Gene Anderson, as emcee (and performer); Jonathan Neal and Liane; Tony Chapek; David Deeble; and Ted and Marion Outerbridge.


All in all, it was a terrific full day of magic worthy of an historic convention by the two best magic organizations in the world.

 Photos by Michael Messing

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