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04 Jun

Criss Angel Takes Over June Linking Ring

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Editor Sammy Smith -- just completing ten years as Executive Editor -- opens the June issue of The Linking Ring by writing about one of the biggest benefits of attending magic conventions, meeting fascinating people, who often become life-long friends. And across the page, President Oscar Munoz talks about some of the recent trips he has taken as he winds up his year as I.B.M. International President.


The cover story about Criss Angel begins with the news that I.B.M. President Oscar Munoz presented Angel with a Presidential Citation on May 12 in recognition of all he has done for the world of magic, as well as for all his charity work. Author Simone Marron summarizes his life, career and magic shows, and the article has nearly three dozen photos, including several behind the scenes.


David Meyer writes “Wizard of the Opera Houses,” about the career of Joseph Lightner, who billed himself as “Lightner the Wizard.” It’s another one of those fascinating magic history articles which The Linking Ring is respected for.


Tom Sikorski brings us “Eight Secrets for Booking More Shows.” His advice comes from his nearly-five-decade career of performing magic. We all can learn from such experience, even if it is mainly reminding us what we already know (or should know).


In keeping with The Linking Ring’s reputation as a preserver of magic history as well as a source for magic tricks and knowledge, Dr. Reza Saberi brings us the interesting title and article, “Three Mentalism Tricks at least One Thousand Years Old.” How’s that for an attention-grabber? 


This month’s HOCUS POCUS PARADE is by Kevin Cascaretto, from Australia. He gives us a dozen of his original effects, as wwll as his variations of effects from other people.


Ring Events this month came from Ring 55 (Phoenix, Arizona), Ring 115 (Singapore), Ring 150 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ring 74 (Dallas, Texas), Ring 185 (Honolulu, Hawaii). and Ring 257 (Las Vegas, Nevada). 


The Linking Ring always has numerous interesting little gems for our enjoyment, and the June issue also includes these. Included is a half-page article about Michael Trixx’s Command Performance for President Jimmy Carter. Another is the popular PICTURES FROM THE PAST feature. Still another is the monthly YOUTH TRIVIA CONTEST, lovingly prepared by Don Greenberg. We get a bonus this month from his explanation of the Magic Square. Two features which pay respects to the personal lives of magicians are the Sick and Convalescent column and the Broken Wand, which pays tribute to eleven magicians this month. 


Columnists continue to produce a prolific output of tricks, advice, and information in the June issue. Skip Way tells us “Prospecting Volunteer Gold” in his POLISHING THE RINGS. Dr. Lynn Miner advises “Scripting: Getting Started,” in his MAGIC WORDS MATTER column. In MARKETING MAGIC, Kent Cummins writes about “Tricks of the Trade Show.” In his THE THERAPY OF MAGIC, Scott Hood gives more advice related to performing magic in hospitals, emphasizing tips on preventing the spread of infections. 


Bev Bergeron continues sharing his wealth of magic experience in CUTTING UP JACKPOTS, with “Halloween Shows: An Adventure that Started at a Young Age.” Mike Powers turns over his column THE CARD CORNER to card expert Paul Lelekis, who brings us “E-Z Cards Across.” In his column NUMISMAGIC, Jean-Emmanuel Franzis also brings in a guest, Michael Rubinstein, who gives us “Spellbound Times Three,” a coin effect. In SIMPLE DIVERSIONS, Andrew Woo teaches us how to get a borrowed coin to stand on its edge, in “Guilder Wall.” “Dancing with the Cards” is the name of Michael Breggar’s AUTO-MAGIC column in June. In his new column, RING RESOURCES, Dr. Lynn Miner gives more advice about fostering Ring development, namely recruiting new members.


The always-popular HOCUS IN FOCUS column brings us expert reviews of seven new magic books, tricks and DVDs. And there are RING REPORTS from seventy-six rings, which are packed with good ideas for YOUR Ring to consider. 


Finally, please stop at each advertisement and consider what they say. Go to their Websites. Look at what they have to offer, and if you contact them, please thank them for their support. Here they are in alphabetical order:




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