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23 Jul

'Conjuring Credits' Website Set to Open Friday

Category: News   Posted by: SAMUEL PATRICK SMITH

A new free research tool for magicians is slated to appear this week. Conjuring Credits ( is a free website devoted to the history and origins of magical sleights, tricks, and concepts. The site is expected to go live at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, July 25.

In the mid-1980s, Stephen Minch and Max Maven began keeping a record of their research and that of others regarding the history of conjuring. Desiring to share this information with other researchers, writers and students of magic, they envisioned a free website that would make this possible. Roberto Giobbi suggested that Denis Behr might be willing to create such a site.

Behr accepted the daunting task and took it further than Minch and Maven had envisioned, by installing valuable links to the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s AskAlexander database and Behr’s own Conjuring Archive, making the site an exceptionally powerful research tool, one that provides not only a summary of the history of various tricks and sleights, but also makes many source documents available for verification and study.

As the site was being developed, other experts were invited to participate and add information. These included William Kalush, Tyler Wilson, Aurelio Paviato, Roberto Giobbi and Dan Smith. The site currently presents an impressive wealth of information and, combined with AskAlexander, the Conjuring Archive, offers the most powerful set of research tools yet devised for magicians. The Conjuring Credits board hopes that, with the help of magicians worldwide, the site will grow to become ever more helpful in discovering and making accessible the vast, complex and fascinating history of magic.

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