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29 Dec

Canada's Magic Announces Reader's Choice Awards

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK


2018 Readers' Choice Award Results 

Thank you all for participating in the spirit in which the awards were intended: a fun way to recognize and celebrate all of the wonderful things being done by the fabulous talent in our country.

Over 2380 votes were cast in this "bragging rights" only contest.  You all have a lot of devoted fans!

Here are the results of our third annual "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Beacons of Inspiration (in alphabetical order by surname)

2018 Beacon of Inspiration: James Alan

James Alan
Nominated by Ben Train.
Thank you for lecturing, coaching, and participating fully with organizations like Toronto Magic CompanyRing 17 Hat and Rabbit, and Magicana). 


2018 Beacon of Inspiration: Jonah Babins

Jonah Babins 
Nominated by James Alan.
One of two podcasters in this year's field, which has now enticed me into the realm of podcasts!  Keep up your great work with the Discourse In Magic Podcast, and The Newest Trick in the Book, Canada’s only open mic magic show.


2018 Beacon of Inspiration: Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown
Nominated by Taylor Martin.
Ryan is an inspiration to the students at his alma mater.  Ryan continues to stretch himself by seeking opportunities to learn with and from world class magicians.  Go Ryan, go!


2018 Beacon of Inspiration: Greg Frewin

Greg Frewin
Nominated by Ryan Pilling.
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Greg! I've seen his show on a number of occasions and seen him donate his time to the kids at Sorcerers Safari, lending a hand to the magic community (remember the CAM-JAM and the Browser's Bash?), and supporting his local community too.  Thank you Greg!

And as Ryan stated, 
"... what I got was a wonderful show with a performer who shared his passion for magic, and playing to a very full house! It was an inspiration to see one of Canada's best magicians still being amazing two decades after I first saw him, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of Greg and his team to have such a well running theatre."


2018 Beacon of Inspiration: Carisa Hendrix

Carisa Hendrix  (aka Lucy Darling)
Nominated by James Alan.
Carisa is an in demand, multifaceted performer.  In addition to magic, she does beautiful bubble, entertaining sideshow performances, and is a multiple Guinness World Record holder, while also running her own entertainment company.

Carisa is the other reason I've ventured into the world of podcasts.  She (with Kayla Drescher) is breaking ground with Shezam, "the feminist magic podcast that hopes to make itself obsolete."  They are taking on some pretty big issues in the magic world and I look forward to hearing what else they've got to say. 

How big a deal is this podcast?  "This podcast is now funded, in part,through support from the Endowment and Development Fund of the International Brotherhood of Magicians."   Well done Carisa!  That's a big deal!


2018 Beacon of Inspiration: Kent Wong

Kent Wong
Nominated by Unknown.
I can't improve on the submitted nomination: 

"I nominate KENT WONG from Edmonton. He is one of the most giving an talented magicians in Canada and his shows are extremely well written, rehearsed and thought out. His unbelievable attitude to help magicians and people in general is un heard of and he never asks for anything in return. His door is always open for anyone to use. He uses his magic to raise money for charities, feed the homeless, gloves and coffee for the homeless all through magic shows and when he is not doing that he is performing for children at the hospitals. Kent does this while having a family, and a very busy full time job. He knows all aspects of magic, psychology, timing, misdirection and history. I'm glad he is my friend in magic."

Keep up the great work Kent!


Editor's Choice

2018 Editor's Choice: Mike Segal
Mike Segal   
Nominated by Sam.
That Mike, through Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp, runs the ONLY magical instructional program certified by the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Public Library is a source of inspiration all on it's own ... there are a lot of hoops to jump through to earn your certification!

But wait! There's more!

Through Sorcerers Safari, Mike has enriched the lives of so many magicians!  Camp alumni include: Nathaniel RankinScott HammelDaniel SteepSheldon CasavantRosemary Reid, Keith Brown, Brad Bond, Ben TrainAlex SeamanMark CorreiaChad Juros and the list goes on.  Now think of all of the lives that those people have touched.  That's not counting the army of devoted volunteers he created whose lives were also deeply influenced from the camp experience!  Thank you Mike and keep on keeping on!

From his nomination: 
"He inspired a generation of young magicians to turn their hobbies into careers. Magic Mike gave us a space, a special club and to some, a family where we could explore our creativity and expand our knowledge with like-minded people. Magic Mike is not only an amazing mentor but he is also a fantastic performer. Whether he’s teaching a class or performing in front of a huge crowd, he’s always giving 100%. He is known in the magic community for his positive attitude and he will stop at nothing to lend a helping hand. If that doesn’t deserve recognition, I don’t know what does!"



Readers' Choice

2018 Winner: Jeff Christensen

Jeff Christensen
Nominated by Cyril May.

Congratulations to Jeff for winning the 2018 Readers' Choice award!

Keep up your great work with the Celebrate the Child foundation



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