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03 Jan

British Ring Featured in January Linking Ring

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Clive Moore, the current president of the British Ring, Ring 25, is on the cover of the January 2017 issue of The Linking Ring. It has been the tradition for many years to feature the largest member Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in the first issue of the year. Ring 25 currently has over six hundred members. In addition, there are other British features in the January issue: (1) Members of the Ring contributed the sixteen effects in this month’s Parade; (2)  “A Tale of Two Spa Cities,” by Roy Field; (3) “A Letter from London,” by Dr. Dale Salwak; and (4) A report on the Eightieth Annual Ring 25 Convention.


Editor Sammy Smith suggests in his column that we all might consider the technique of “bibliotherapy,” as one possible way to begin anew when some project goes up in smoke. And president Oscar Munoz uses his column not only to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but also invites all I.B.M. members to make suggestions for the 2018 I.B.M. Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 


Other FEATURE stories in the January issue include: the touching story by Walter “Zaney” Blaney about how the late heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley saved the life of his daughter, Becky, when she was twelve years old; a report on the October Las Vegas Magic Luncheon (celebrating the event which launched Lance Burton’s career); and a review (with breaking news) on the Fourth Annual “Hot Springs Festival of Magic.”


RING EVENTS this month's reports are for Ring 129 (Kansas City, Missouri); Ring 175 (Tampa, Florida); Ring 202 (Malta); Ring 211 (Grand Rapids, Michigan); and Ring 303 (Fort Myers, Florida).


Linking Ring COLUMNISTS this month include: Bev Bergeron’s CUTTING UP JACKPOTS (“Magic joins the circus.”); MAGICAL MOMENTS by Adele Friel Rhindress (”Marc DeSouza”);  THE THERAPY OF MAGIC by Scott Hood (funny things overheard); POLISHING THE RINGS, by Skip Way (“Light the Fire”); MARKETING MAGIC by Kent Cummins (“The self-eating watermelon takes another bite!”); THE CARD CORNER by Mike Powers (“Ahab’s Goldfish”); NUMISMAGIC by Jean-Emmanuel Franzis (“John Bannon’s Shangai Surprise”); SIMPLE DIVERSIONS, by Andrew Woo (“A kiss is just a kiss”); SITUATIONALLY YOURS, by Chris Beason (“Paper View” by Mike Powers); and AUTO-MAGIC, by Michael Breggar (“Force of Intuition,” by Barry Hinnant).


HOCUS IN FOCUS is the new product review column in every issue of The Linking Ring. In the current issue, our reviewers bring their assessments of nine new magic books, tricks, and DVDs.


This month’s BROKEN WAND pays tribute to fourteen people who devoted much of their lives to magic, and to making people smile, laugh and shake their heads in wonder. We respectfully say goodbye to them and 2016.


A major feature of every Linking Ring is the RING REPORTS section. Don’t overlook these because they are full of ideas which your Ring can consider using, including reviews of lecturers. It is a lot of work and responsibility for Ring secretaries (or someone) to write up and send in these reports each month. Since members and Rings are at the HEART of the International Brotherhood of Magicians -- the largest membership organization in the world of the magical arts -- these monthly reports continue to be a major feature of The Linking Ring. This month there are seventy -- that’s 70 -- Ring Reports, a terrific effort by our member rings. A BIG THANKS and a DEEP BOW to all those who prepared and sent them, and to Ring Reports Editor Dr. Steven Schlanger. It is heart-warming to read about all the magic which is happening throughout the world!


Finally, we salute all Linking Ring ADVERTISERS, whose continuing support makes our monthly magazine possible, but also demonstrates the healthy vitality of the magic business. Please stop and read each one, go to their Websites, and BUY from them as often as possible. And please tell them you saw their ads in The Linking Ring, and THANK THEM. Here they are in order, from front to back:


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