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17 Sep

BREAKING: Magician wins America's Got Talent

Category: News   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

Magic history was made Wednesday, September 17, 2014, when a magician won first place in the America's Got Talent competion. Mat Franco beat out five other finalists, including the early favorite, singer Emily West. 

It is obvious that not only magicians, but magic fans, thought he was deserving and voted for him. While magic is widely liked by people of all ages, some people assumed that a singer would appeal to more people. But week after week, Franco wowed the audience and the judges and he rose to the pinnacle of the entertainment world. 

According to the NBC website, Franco became fascinated with the art of magic after seeing it on television at age four. He grew up in Rhode Island and honed his magic skills by studying the tapes of magicians he videotaped. He grew and developed in magic through his teen and college years.

He specializes in customized, interactive presentations -- the kind of magic which he did throughout the competition and which endeared him with both the judges and the live and television audiences. Where previous magicians thought they had to do the big stage illusions to wow the audience and judges, Franco stuck with his specialty and walked off with the top prize.

To see his performance(s), go to NBC,com and find America's Got Talent. There are numerous opportunities to watch him in action.  While there, you can also take a look at the other two magic acts which were in the final twelve -- another first (THREE magic acts in the top twelve).

What a terrific night for magic. Thanks to everyone who voted for him!

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