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25 Feb

Brad Ross Advises Magicians to FOCUS

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK


You are what you focus on!

Article over. J/K.

 But it really is that basic most of the time. 

Here's what I mean and how it applies to us making massive 
money in magic and having a fun, successful career.

I just bought leased my new Lexus and everywhere I look 
I see my same model & color Lexus.

Have you ever noticed when you buy a new car that you see 
that type of car all over the place now? Why is that? Are 
there suddenly more of those cars being sold? Did everyone 
decide to be as smart as you in their purchasing? 

No, 'fraid not.

It's because it is simply on your mind now. It's no longer in 
the subconscious, but pushed to the forefront of your conscious 
mind and attention. You are focusing on it without even 
thinking about it. It's known as your reticular activator.

One thing I've noticed that is very cool is whenever, without 
fail, I'm working on a new mailing campaign or designing a 
new show, I get calls and gigs for that particular venue. 
Strange indeed. I haven't even mailed anything yet, but I'm 
booking the gigs.

And that's where our "focus" comes in. If you are constantly 
focusing on getting gigs and performing professionally, the 
business will come. I guess it's kind of a field of dreams kind 
of thing. "If you build it, they will come."

Now granted, if all you do is think about it, your chances are 
lessened. But if you are actively prospecting and performing, 
the wheel is spinning and won't slow down! There is an 
active universe around us all and the answers are all there if 
you just ask them!

I know some of this is mystical and airy to some of you and
I HIGHLY recommend you read; "The 11th Element" by 
Robert Sheinfeld & "The On Purpose Person " by Kevin 
McCarthy for details of how and why this all works.

So often I hear from fellow magicians that are frustrated 
with not getting enough paid performances. They have this 
dream, but it's going nowhere for them.

I've even coached magicians who say nothing is going right 
for them and they just keep going in a downward spiral.

I have always found that they are simply not focusing on the 
correct things. 

Perhaps they're bummed about their last mailing flopping. 
Maybe their website isn't getting the kind of traffic they wanted.
Maybe they just complain about the guy who's getting all 
the gigs that they know they're better than. Or maybe they 
only perform their magic for their mirror. Either way, their 
focus is out of whack.

One of my most practical tools to stay on focus is my 
marketing calendar. It keeps me on track when it's so easy 
to let life's distractions take me elsewhere. 

Another tool I use came from Michael Ammar's, "Success 
& Magic" Booklet and that is I concentrate on the TOP 5 
effects for each particular venue I work or want to work. 
There is so much great magic out there that wanting to learn 
the latest effect is just too tempting. 

I still play with new stuff simply as a hobby but when it 
comes to my career, I am very strict about keeping with my 
5 strongest effects and making them even stronger.

And finally, I am very conscious about my time. It's really 
all we have. It can never be duplicated or made up. Once
it's gone, it's gone. And as my grandma used to tell me - 
now I know it's the truth...

The Older We Get - The Faster It Goes!

When you are absolutely focused on what you want to 
accomplish and what's really important to you, you'll find 
yourself achieving your goals faster and spending more time 
doing what you love. Whether that's magic, marketing, fitness, 
hiking, reading, traveling, family time, etc.   

So the BIG question of the day is: "What are you 
focusing on?"

Kick Butt with Your Marketing and...

Do What You LOVE & 
LOVE What You Do!

Brad Ross







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