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02 Jul

Bob Patterson is on July Linking Ring Cover

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

 Bob Patterson earned his new position as International President of the world’s largest membership organization of magic in the world. That is why he is on the cover of the July issue of The Linking Ring, and why he is the subject of the five-page feature story inside. Assistant Editor Dennis Schick interviewed Bob, and recalled the concluding line by the late actor John Houseman in his television commercials for Smith-Barney in the 1980s: “They make money the old fashioned way -- they EARN it.”


The July issue opens, as always, with Editor Sammy Smith’s column. He talks about the excitement of opening a box of mail-order magic in his youth. And guess what? Sammy finally agreed to an interview about his ten years as editor of The Linking Ring. Get in his head this issue. Across the page is Bob Patterson’s first column, with some of his plans and thoughts for his new position over the next year.


Other feature stories in the July issue include:  A report by Dr. Steven Schlanger called “Cafeteria Magic,” about an incident when he performed real magic; a five-page news release about season four of “Masters of Illusion” on the CW Network on Fridays (including the complete roster of participating magicians); read how two I.B.M. members who live over ten thousand miles apart have become close friends; in an article entitled “Quiet Masters,” Kenrick McDonald brings us the history snd relevance of the black magical artist; and Tony Griffith brings us Part One of “The Magic Answer Game,” about close-up magic.


OTHER COLUMNS: Kent Cummins writes about “More tricks of the trade show,” in his MARKETING MAGIC column; in the CUTTING UP JACKPOTS column, Bev Bergeron talks about “The magic of Broadway theater;”  in MAGIC WORDS MATTER, Dr. Lynn Miner advises “Scripting: getting started;”  Scott Hood continues his THE THERAPY OF MAGIC with “Starting a therapy magic program;” Skip Way devotes his POLISHING THE RINGS column to “Introducing Comedy;” and Dr. Lynn Miner gives advice on how to find lecturers, in his RING RESOURCES column.


TRICK SECTION:  Mike Powers turns his THE CARD CORNER column over to Steven Youell, who explains “The Card Trick that has no explanation;” the NUMISMAGIC column from Jean-Emmanuel Franzis, is by Chong Hwong, and is called “Stand up shuttle pass;” Andrew Woo continues his SIMPLE DIVERSIONS from last month, with “The Heavy Guilder;” In SITUATIONALLY YOURS, Chris Beason lets Josh Janousky describe “Rip-off” to us; and Michael Breggar brings us “Spot Change” in his AUTO-MAGIC column;   


This month’s PARADE is another -- his eighteenth -- ONE-MAN PARADE from prolific magic inventor Ian Adair, from England. This time he brings to us thirteen more of his original ideas. In HOCUS IN FOCUS, the I.B.M. reviewers give their expert opinions of nine new tricks, books, and DVDs which recently came on the market. And in the BROKEN WAND, we pay tribute to seven magicians who have died.  


There are only two RING EVENTS this month, from Ring 90 (Albuquerque, New Mexico), and Ring 199 (Raleigh, North Carolina). But there are seventy-five RING REPORTS, so you have lots of opportunities to find ideas for your ring.


Pictures from the Past is likely to stump you, but is fun to learn a little history of magic in each issue. And it is equally fun to learn about a new I.B.M. Ring, in Serbia, in a one-page article. The YOUTH TRIVIA CONTEST (by Don Greenberg), keeps coming up with challenging history questions, so do.t skip over it.


ADVERTISEMENTS: (in order, from front to back)


Masters of Illusion (4th season begins)

I.B.M./S.A.M. Combined Convention (rates going up)

The Magic Bakery (“Feel the Power”) Steve Dobson’s “Works”

Genii Convention, October 4-7. (Standing ovations at every show)

Show-Biz Services (Throw away your change bag! “BAG-O-PLENTY”

SvenPad Supreme (

Murphy’s Magic

Genii: The Conjuror’s Magazine “Year-round Health Insurance”

LaRock’s Fun & Magic Outlet

HMK Insurance (Liability insurance)

Robbins & Co. (Wholesale to magic stores and magic dealers)

Custom Magic Kits (Custom rising wands)

Houdini Magic (Spirit Lights, close-up pad, sticky Wicket, Unthinkable)


Mogar Knives ( (prediction timepieces, rare estate magic)

Ring 25, The British Ring. 81st Annual Convention (in Scotland)

Maxello Magic


Daytona Magic

Magic Methods (books)

Iowa Magic Shop

Reel Magicians

The Linking Ring


Please contact each of these advertisers and thank them for their support. They pay for a major portion of the cost of publishing the best magic magazine in the world. (AND, send a note of thanks to Sammy Smith, too, for his ten years of editing the magazine.)


There you have it. One hundred and sixty-four pages of magic-specific things and stuff to take with you on your vacation or convention trips. Happy reading. And don’t forget, I.B.M. members can access this and all past issues of The Linking Ring on the I.B.M. Website,








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