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20 Aug

Blaney Gets Special Surprise From Copperfield

Category: Blog   Posted by: C. DENNIS SCHICK

During the big Magic Live Convention in Las Vegas, David Copperfield invited me to see his current show at the MGM Grand Hotel, and it is simply astounding. No mere words can describe it adequately. 
Then David drove me over to his museum (David Copperfield's International Museum and Library of Conjuring Arts). David walked me into the new section where he just finished setting up the Blaney Tribute Display.  About 20 top magician friends had been invited, and they were all waiting for us to enter.
All my "magic stuff" is beautifully displayed... a mannequin of me is seen, dressed in my tux, Western Boots and Stetson, silver vest and Texas T-tie. and I am holding up my fake, stiff lasso I opened with at every show for all my long career.  A video tape showing each of my various trick inventions and illusions is shown running continuously in the background.  
My original Ladder Levitation and Hoop are there, and my Blaney Sawing,  plus my whole Instant Texas Act props. David made a very kind toast to me, with champagne for all. Then he asked questions about some of the Instant Texas Act props.  
Soon I was showing him how I switched a fan of regular size cards into the big Texas size "Fan-To-See" cards. David stood by me holding a tricky-tray and box.  He then moved the box forward to make the secret switch I used.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that I was demonstrating this trick, just like on my show, but my assistant helping out was David Copperfield.  It was a truly memorable moment for me and everyone there.
David was just a kid again, playing with all the "magic toys". I and everyone there were just delighted with all the fun we were having. For me it goes down as one of the most memorable experiences in my long magic career.  
And we got it all on video tape, and soon there will be a DVD of this special occasion.  Long live my dear friend David Copperfield. David, you made an 89-year-old magician a very happy man indeed. 
Best to all,  
Walter "Zaney" Blaney
Houston, Texas         


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